Teachers feel the love

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

This week, Teacher Appreciation Week is officially underway, so let’s show our gratitude and appreciation to the people that educate us on a daily basis not just this week but every week. 

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place from May 6-10 and originated in 1953 thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt convinced congress that there should be a specific day to recognize teachers. Take the time to recognize the most undervalued workers for all the time and effort that goes into being a teacher. Teachers say grading papers and meeting every students needs are the most difficult aspects of instructing, so it’s important to thank our educators for their labor. Without teachers, careers are limited because there are no instructors to pass along the valuable information that could result to other professions. Teachers  play a huge role in everyday life. We are constantly learning the material that our educators are putting forwards and in the future we may find ourselves instructing others. 

This week we honor our faulty, who continue to inspire and mentor our students. They come to school everyday because despite how demanding it may be, they love what they do. Thank you teacher for helping shape future professions and making an impact in thousands of students lives. 

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