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A message to all Sheiks

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A message to all Sheiks

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

With graduation just around the corner, all I’ve been thinking about is whether I am college ready. To be quite honest, I believe I am and starting all over is pretty exciting. High school took a massive toll on me and I’m sure in various of my peers. It is pretty hard to explain my feelings towards high school, but I can say it was a learning experience.

High school taught me much more than precalculus or how to find the literary devices in a piece of literature. It taught me that people who were once in your high school life will part ways, that self-care is a grand necessity and most importantly being content with who you are as a individual. I never thought that high school would be the place where I lost myself completely. The constant work thrown and the pressure of expecting so much from myself as not only a student, but as a human being. I am not gonna lie and say high school was as amazing as they partake in a film. It is not all dances and football games. It is a cycle of social life, school work and so much more, but growing as an individual plays a massive role in this cycle.

As the school year comes to end, it makes me reflect on my high school experiences. I lost contact with people, I met new people, I branched out, I formed cherishing bonds with my fellow peers and teachers, I lost myself mentally, but I have blossomed into an individual who is ready to see the outside world beyond Hollywood High.

I don’t mean to frighten those who remain in high school, but rather leave them with a message of hope. Everything will be okay, no matter how hard it gets and you are forming into someone amazing. High school is simply the road to the real world, we are thrown obstacles in this small community and our duty is to keep pushing through them. Once completing these courses, the blooming begins. Here is a message from a senior of the class of 2019, life goes beyond high school and all you can do is push.

Teachers feel the love

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Teachers feel the love

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

This week, Teacher Appreciation Week is officially underway, so let’s show our gratitude and appreciation to the people that educate us on a daily basis not just this week but every week. 

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place from May 6-10 and originated in 1953 thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt convinced congress that there should be a specific day to recognize teachers. Take the time to recognize the most undervalued workers for all the time and effort that goes into being a teacher. Teachers say grading papers and meeting every students needs are the most difficult aspects of instructing, so it’s important to thank our educators for their labor. Without teachers, careers are limited because there are no instructors to pass along the valuable information that could result to other professions. Teachers  play a huge role in everyday life. We are constantly learning the material that our educators are putting forwards and in the future we may find ourselves instructing others. 

This week we honor our faulty, who continue to inspire and mentor our students. They come to school everyday because despite how demanding it may be, they love what they do. Thank you teacher for helping shape future professions and making an impact in thousands of students lives. 

Camping at Met Gala 2019

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Camping at Met Gala 2019

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

Met Gala 2019 was filled with extravagance with theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion”; inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay about her perspective of camp. Many people were taken by surprise by what these celebrities were wearing.

“I did not like, the fashion was horrible and the theme was not punctual” [not timely] says Gayane Mikayelyan, SAS senior.

The Met Gala 2019 will surely be remembered as a way that expressions were made. The host for this years event were campy fashion artist, Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. This year’s Gala has over 200 pieces of fashion in the exhibit, having both menswear and womenswear. Fashion with creators from all over the globe, such as Virgil Abloh to Alexander McQueen. The exhibition will not only be pure extravagance, but it will emphasize the irony, humour and techniques in the art of fashion. This event is such a captivity to various of people nationwide, but it as well leaves people in shock from all the attention it gets considering the lack of importance or relevance. Costing $30,000 per person who wishes to attend plus the amount of money put into the outfit that will be worn.

“I feel like it is interesting how much people pay attention to such a thing like the Met Gala, rather than crucial problems that are going on in the world we live in” says Hannah Kaufman, SAS senior. “I understand it’s a fundraiser for the Fashion institution, but there are more important things to be fundraising for.”

This annual event has formed an international reputation, negative and positive. As people around the world look into the Gala for the crazy fashion worn by their favorite celebrities, to those who question why this event is so relevant in the social community. Further, the Met Gala is rather controversial, but remains to have such an importance in modern society.

Seniors sign for their future

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Seniors sign for their future

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

May 1 is college decision day. Make sure to commit to the college you are planning to attend. Stop by the college center to get help from Ms. Pinedo or some of the college peer counselors  to review your financial aid offer letters. This is important because it can make it easier for you to decide which college will support you the most financially.

Ms. Pinedo, with the help from others, has a special event to celebrate students’ college decisions on May 3. Seniors will be excused to leave early from their fourth period to attend this event. There will be popcorn and snow cones, as well as giant games like Connect 4, Jenga, and cup pong.
Once you decide on which school you will be attending, fill out the transcript request form in schoology so that Ms. Pinedo could send your transcript to that college.

If you need some extra help on deciding which college to attend, here is some advice from a few college peer counselors.
Arianna Ortiz, SAS senior, said, “I would suggest to look at all aspects. For instance, your major and what the school has to offer, financial aid, the campus, and how you like the atmosphere. You can also make a pro and con list and follow your instinct.”

Andrea Alvarez, SAS senior, said “Well first, sit down with a college counselor. They’ll help you understand your financial aid package and what exactly the school wants from you. Try to visit the colleges if you can and just trust your gut. You’re going to be spending the next four years there and don’t want to dread going to classes everyday.”

Billie Eilishs’​ nightmares become a dream

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Billie Eilishs'​ nightmares become a dream

Chronicle Reporter

Mayeli Acuna

Billie Eilish, a 17-year-old pop singer, recently released her second debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? on March 29 receiving transatlantic success. Eilish second album hit the Billboard 200 charts securing the spot of number one, is the third woman to have a massive number of streams within the span of a week.

The album is constructed of 14 songs, each having great meaning that many can relate to. Eilish has impacted the teenage community greatly, considering that she herself is one, she has written songs that various of her age can sympathize too. Hence why she has made a large mark in the music culture. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is surely one that leaves her audience in deep thought. She has gained an image that many find controversial, being called “fake emo” and “fake depressed”, but with such thought put into her tracks in this album has provided great vulnerability that is respected by the spectator.

It can be noted that her goal was to make a statement, a statement filled with fear and alienation. Eilish resembled her songs to “Batman” and not be saved by him; being left in sorrow. With song titles that are rather questioning, beats that are meticulous and lyrics of despair, Eilish has provided a message of strength. “Xanny” being a tribute to the friends she has lost through the use of drugs. “I Love You” projected the fear of loving someone to avoid heartbreak. “All Good Girls Go To Hell” poking fun towards individuals who only speak to someone for their own benefit and will turn their back on you.

   WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is filled with teenage anthems. Heartbreak, fear, insecurities, and strength is composed in an album of 14 songs. The reality of young adults is surely produced in this album and is heard through the headphones of a teenager daily.

AP Exams are nearly here

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AP Exams are nearly here

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

It is that time of the year again to prepare for AP exams considering they are just around the corner. It is pretty difficult to remain calm when it comes to preparing for an exam that will be taking multiple hours and many students are taking more than one of these exams. Students have been on this ongoing cycle of trying to keep up with school work, sports, family and their social life, but it is important to prioritize what can benefit you in the future. Passing an AP Exam with a four or five can potentially give you college credit, saving you and your parent’s money. It is rather hard to take time out of a students daily routine to study for these exams, but here are some tips on how to add reviews to your day.

  1. During breakfast in the classroom look over previous worksheets and or test, you have taken.
  2. Purchase 5 Step To A Five – A new copy cost ruffly around $15 for a new copy depending on the course, a used copy is about $8.
  3. On your way to school or home watch Khan Academies to freshen up your memory. (Only applies to math, science, and history AP’s)

Mentally Preparing

  1. Just breath, don’t overthink the idea of passing the exam and go in ready to show what you have learned.
  2. Do not focus on the time limit, looking at the clock constantly will only add more pressure and nerves; focus on what you know.
  3. Do not cram before the test, study efficiently.
  4. Dwelling on getting college credit will only add extra stress, look at this exam as if it were another class exam.

Cheer stunts their way to first place

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Cheer team placed first in Central League on March 1.

After months of practicing and dedicating long hours, the Hollywood High cheer team took first place in the Central League last Friday night at Wilson High. After a “rough” showcase on Feb. 16, the cheer team made it their top priority to take the league title.

Cheerleaders said they were not satisfied with their February performance at Birmingham High in which they placed 14 out of 15 teams. After that, they said they made it their job to place in the top three for Central League.

The team practiced from 3:30-6:30 p.m. every single day, said Captain Heidi Paniagua. “Practicing was draining and some of us had to result to public transportation and our energy to even do homework lacked,” the SAS senior said.

The team did not expect to come out as the league champions; they would have been content with any placing in the top three.  “Our expectations were based of the hard work and that extra effort we had to give to satisfy our expectations,” said Paniagua.

A mishap with the bus transportation almost caused the team to miss the competition, but another bus was ordered and the athletes made it just in time. They went on to place first with a total of 75 points and zero deductions.

With championships around the corner, the team is continuing to work harder than before. “Going into championships I feel more confident and we know that we need to push harder than last time,” Heidi said. The cheer team will continue to work hard and put in every ounce of passion until they reach City, she said. Until then, they will take on the next competitions.

Heidi said she “personally was really nervous about competing because of their previous competition and how the practices throughout the week was going, it was hard on all of us physically and emotionally, but we knew we were capable of having the outcome we did.”

Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

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Welcome 2019 scholastic journalism week

Scholastic Journalism Week 2019 is here, running from Feb. 17-23 with different activities to follow everyday. Join along and support this dedication to our community. Here is a list of the daily engagement.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – #RealNews. High school journalist do important world, not fluff. What #RealNews have you reported in the past year?

  • Our story on mental health has been one of great importance as many teenage students may be going through a tough time and it must be spoken about. Therefore, Katie and I took matters into our own hands and worked on an advice column for the first issue of the 2018-2019 school year.

Wednesday, Feb 20 – #EverydayJournalism. Wednesday’s focus is about the hard work that students journalist do every day. It’s #EverydayJournalism

Thursday, Feb 21 – #SavingDemocracy. Scholastic journalism often has to step up and report on public officials and public institutions because of the systematic gutting of professional newsroom around the U.S. How are you doing your part in #SavingDemocracy

  • As a high school journalist our duty is to speak in behalf of the other students and whether it be regarding a controversial issue we must remember that we have our rights just as real reporters do.

Friday, Feb. 22 – #NewVoices #studentvoice. Fourteen states have instituted anti-Hazelwood laws since that disastrous 1988 decision. But #NewVoices laws guaranteeing freedom of the press for students are being considered in Nebraska and Missouri. Help spread the word about the value of #StudentVoice.

  • The Crimson Chronicle staff will be holding a gathering where anyone will be allowed to share their concerns regarding the school community. It will be held on Friday during lunch and it will be a new beginning for all of the Hollywood High students to have a voice alongside the Chronicle staff.   

Hollywood’s class of 2019 senior favorites are here

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Senior favorites are in for the class of 2019, nominations and the winning results were announced last semester around December. If you are not aware of who has won, here is a list of the winning seniors.

Mister and Miss Hollywood  

Lloyd Agad and Marielle Sanchez

Most Fashionable

Pamela Vista and Tyler Ransom

Most Athletic

Dorothea De la Cruz and Lloyd Agad

Most Friendly

Isabel Hernandez and Ali Dugally

Best Tea Spiller

Abigail Escobedo- Mendoza

Cutest Couple

Isabel Hernandez and Pedro Reyes

Most Woke

Alyssa Lira

Best Laugh

Maryjane Vielma and Winston Oughourli

Most Positive Attitude

Mayeli Acuna

Inseparable Duo

Yulissa Mendez and Arianna Ortiz

Biggest Flirt

Evonna Maultsby

SLC Favorites

This year new nominations were held for each SLC giving recognition to those who have impacted their SLC community in a great manner.


Most Likely To Win An EGOT

Chandler Johnson and Audrey Crabano

Most Funny

Anselmo Ko and Evonna Maultsby


Most Likely To Be Your Boss

Alice Moure and Celso Garcia

Most Funny

Cara Hill and Giovanny Morales


Most Likely To Win An Academy Award for Film Design

Yorick Howlandt and Katherine Villatoro

Most Funny

George Mazariegos and Erin Byrd


Most Likely To Work at Hollywood High

Anthony Sales and Kimberly Carrera

Most Funny

Christopher Beltran and Kimberly Toledo

Strike Date Nears

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Picture Credits: Rafael Hernandez

Picture Credits: Rafael Hernandez

Chronicle Reporter

Mayeli Acuna & Katie Adaya

As Jan. 10 approaches, the controversy between LAUSD teachers and the school board tenses up. The district tried to ban special education teachers from striking, but were denied by a judge. LAUSD filed a “federal court paper seeking an order to prevent a strike by members of United Teachers Los Angeles who provide special-education support and services to more than 60,000 students,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

Ms. Zeineddine, a special education teacher at Hollywood High School, explained how “disappointing to know that is coming from our superintendent in the district we represent and how much we invest and love our students, special ed, gen ed, any student…”

Following that, this situation targeted specific students. “To target our specific students and make it seem out of a place of caring so much now and it makes me question well.. Why now? There is a lot of times when we are wanting a lot of support for our students and don’t feel heard.” That shows the lack of consideration the district has not only for the teachers but for the students. 

Not much on how the school will be conducted during the strike is known. However, what is known is that “the only people that are going to be here are the administrators, the principals, secretaries, the cafeteria staff, and security,” said Raul Grijalva, Hollywood High  SAS counselor.

The administration will be in charge of controlling the school while the teachers participate in the strike. “My guess is that they’ll just put a lot of people in the auditorium and library. As far as lesson plans, we don’t know. They haven’t told us anything. It’s all up in the air, we don’t know,” said Grijalva.

It is uncertain if the strike will still take place Thursday, Jan. 10 or be postponed. After a court hearing today, a decision will be made. Stay tuned with the Crimson Chronicle for more updates regarding the strike.


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