A message to all Sheiks

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter

With graduation just around the corner, all I’ve been thinking about is whether I am college ready. To be quite honest, I believe I am and starting all over is pretty exciting. High school took a massive toll on me and I’m sure in various of my peers. It is pretty hard to explain my feelings towards high school, but I can say it was a learning experience.

High school taught me much more than precalculus or how to find the literary devices in a piece of literature. It taught me that people who were once in your high school life will part ways, that self-care is a grand necessity and most importantly being content with who you are as a individual. I never thought that high school would be the place where I lost myself completely. The constant work thrown and the pressure of expecting so much from myself as not only a student, but as a human being. I am not gonna lie and say high school was as amazing as they partake in a film. It is not all dances and football games. It is a cycle of social life, school work and so much more, but growing as an individual plays a massive role in this cycle.

As the school year comes to end, it makes me reflect on my high school experiences. I lost contact with people, I met new people, I branched out, I formed cherishing bonds with my fellow peers and teachers, I lost myself mentally, but I have blossomed into an individual who is ready to see the outside world beyond Hollywood High.

I don’t mean to frighten those who remain in high school, but rather leave them with a message of hope. Everything will be okay, no matter how hard it gets and you are forming into someone amazing. High school is simply the road to the real world, we are thrown obstacles in this small community and our duty is to keep pushing through them. Once completing these courses, the blooming begins. Here is a message from a senior of the class of 2019, life goes beyond high school and all you can do is push.

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