The Hollywood stars perform

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood Idol, an annual event that Hollywood students look forward to, will be held Friday after sixth period. The school schedule will be the same as a minimum Tuesday except that instead of going home, students will be attending Hollywood Idol.

Contestants for this show include Ivana Drew, Randella Drew, Rachel Fadersaer, Zirah Hajjaj, Julia Jean Mendez, Tyler Ramson, Kings of No Nation, and Black SpadZe. Five judges, one teacher from each SLC and a counselor, will be judging these eight contestants.

After months of rehearsing, performers will finally show off their talent. All their hard work will finally pay off, as they get to present their hidden talents to the audience.

Karla Gonzalez-Echeverria, a Black SpadZe member, said “I’m scared and excited for it. When you practice for it for a long time and the day gets closer, you start working on stage with the lights and you’re like ‘It’s here. It’s finally here.’”

Students are looking forward to this event, as it is something that emphasizes the talent that this school holds.

Janelly Diaz, TCA senior, said “I’m excited to see Black SpadZe perform because they always come up with new, cool dances and to see new people show their talent.”

This year, however, will be different. After years of James B. Carmicle hosting this talent show, he will no longer be doing so due to his retirement. Although students are still excited for the show itself, students wish they could see Carmicle host one last time.

“Mr. Carmicle brought the fun in Hollywood Idol and made it more exciting. He made the audience more hyped up, and it’s not going to be the same without him,” said Mary J. Hunter, SAS senior.

Please be respectful of all contestants. They have put in a lot of time and effort in this in order to make a perfect performance for the audience.

College admissions reflection

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College admissions reflection

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Getting rejected by one of the colleges I was looking forward to was very disappointing. It was difficult to deal with it at first, but then I learned how to cope with it. Though it wasn’t easy, I learned how to push through and looked at the bright side.

College admissions are something we all look forward to our second semester of senior year. It can be exciting and heartbreaking to hear back from the colleges we applied to. However, an acceptance or rejection from a college doesn’t define your worth. Whether or not a college accepts you, it doesn’t reflect your full potential, intelligence, or talent. These are all qualities that only you know for yourself, and you shouldn’t let a college define that for you.

Many reasons play into the part as to why you got accepted or not. Although it can sting, a rejection isn’t the end of your life. There are many different opportunities in the colleges you got admitted to, so don’t be afraid to take them. These colleges might not have been the ones you dreamt of, but at the end of the day, they are colleges that you still had an interest in, so might as well give them a try.

At the end of the day, as long as you’re content where you attend that’s all that matters. Try not to focus so much on the negative but focus more on the positive. Always strive for the best and know that at the end of the day anything is possible as long as you work hard.

My advice to underclassmen

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My advice to underclassmen

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

As senior year winds down, I would like to reflect upon my past years. Here is some advice I would have told myself based on my experiences and some advice I would like to share with underclassmen.

  1. Don’t procrastinate: “Due tomorrow do tomorrow” is a common phrase many follow. Don’t wait until the last minute to work on a project, assignment, etc. Although you might get away with it at times, it will catch up one day and you’ll have to face the consequences.
  2. Join clubs/sports: It’s important to join anything that sparks your interest. You might think that a sport or a club isn’t “for you”, but you never know unless you try. It could also be the other way around. You might think that you like something but once you join you realize that it doesn’t interest you anymore.
  3. Volunteer: Look for internships or any local organizations and apply to volunteer. You can gain a lot from these volunteering opportunities. For instance, you learn how to work with others, manage your time, expand your knowledge, and discover abilities you didn’t know you had.
  4. Take your time on college apps: Once again, don’t wait until last minute to complete something as important as your future. Write your essays on time and try to get an admissions counselor to revise your essays and take the advice they give you. Also, don’t forget to research important factors of colleges that interest you, such as the environment, school size, and student life.
  5. Have fun: With everything being stressful, don’t miss out on after school and school activities, like football games and school dances. Those will be one of the most unforgettable memories you’ll treasure when looking back at your high school years.

Prepare for senior project presentations

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

With senior project presentations right around the corner, here are a few quick tips you might want to consider.

  1. Practice in front of an audience. You can try presenting in front of a group of friends, classmates, and/or teachers available during break or after school. If they give you feedback, make sure to consider making changes to improve your presentation.
  2. Time yourself. When practicing by yourself, try to keep a timer nearby. Pace yourself so that you won’t present too fast or too slow. Make sure you stay within the time range.
  3. Don’t sleep late the previous night. The day of the presentation, you want to look presentable. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before so you don’t stress or look tired that day. Also, you want to make sure you wake up earlier so you don’t oversleep or run late that day.
  4. Don’t stress about it. There’s no need to worry about it. You’ve been researching your topic throughout the year, so no need to overthink.
  5. Make sure you know your subject well. Prepare for questions to answer that day. Research any topic you think you’re missing just in case. Also, make sure to review your subject and presentations in case of any errors.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Show your appreciation and love for friends, significant others, or any other loved one by celebrating Valentine’s Day with these two activities at Hollywood High.

Come and support LGBT Club on their annual Marriage Booth set-up on Feb. 14. You can purchase a $5 package. This package includes a polaroid picture taken at the booth, a certificate of “marriage” for each person, and two free ring pops. If you just want the polaroid picture taken, it will only cost $2.

Following that, leadership will be selling Valentine grams in the quad during lunch for only $5. These grams include a mug, a small teddy bear, chocolate, and a note. They will continue to sell them through Feb. 11. On Feb. 14, these grams will be sent during first and fourth period to the recipient.

Make sure to buy these grams before time runs out and stop by the marriage booth to create some unforgettable memories.

Another Robelo joins the Posse

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Milagros Róbelo, president of Debate Club, LGBT, (F)eminist (I)ntersexuality (G)ender-neutral (H)elpful  (T)ogether Club , and Latino Student Union, is the third in her family to win the POSSE scholarship. With this scholarship, she will be attending Kalamazoo College in Michigan State.


“I think the pressure of having two siblings going through that process and winning it made it ten times harder for me to go through the same process,” said Róbelo.


This foundation “is rooted in the belief that a small, diverse group of talented students—a Posse—carefully selected and trained, can serve as a catalyst for individual and community development,” according to Posse Foundation. Their goals are to enlist students with different backgrounds, help create more welcoming campuses to diversity, and keep students on check to take on leadership roles.


To become a Posse scholar, Milagros went through three rounds. In her first round, she was placed in a room with 100 other students. They were divided into different small groups where they had to do different activities such as mini discussions, presentations, and build stuff with legos. This round was created to show if they had the ability to be a team leader and cooperate with others as a team.


In her second round, she had a one-on-one interview where she was interviewed by two posse staff. “I felt more confident in this round than I did on the first because I talked about myself and I’m good at that,” said Robelo.


Her third round consisted of 20 kids who were Kalamazoo finalists, the president of the school, an admissions officer, and two professors. This round was very similar to the first round, where they would divide them into small groups and do similar activities.


Two hours after she finished her last interview, she was eating dinner with her family when she received a phone call from Posse, and it was the president of Kalamazoo. Robelo recounted the story, “the president answered and he said, ‘we forgot to ask you one more question, do you have winter coats for Kalamazoo?’” A Posse staff congratulated her on her success, in which she celebrated with donuts.


F.I.G.H.T. to the finish for Third World Countries

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter


Go and support the Feminism, Internationalist, Gender-Neutral,Helpful and Together club, also known as F.I.G.H.T. Club on Wednesday Nov. 14 during lunch at the quad. Anyone who desires to take on the challenge of arm wrestling against Mr. Milton can do so with a donation of only $1. All money will be donated to the Plan International Organization. 

This charity helps women from Third World countries in many different ways. There are options from which packages or kits to donate to. Some donate towards women’s education, building water fountains, girls stuck in human trafficking, and more. Overall, women will benefit from any of these options.

There will be ongoing events throughout the year to raise enough money  to donate towards this charity. The goal is to create a better environment and future for them. The package or kit chosen will depend on the amount of money that the club receives from these events. Anyone is welcomed to join and participate in any of these event that will fund money for this cause. Help make a difference.  For further information feel free to look at the organizations website

Join F.I.G.H.T. Club every Monday in room 424 during lunch.

Creep into spooktober

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Image result for queen mary dark harbor 2018

Chronicle Reporter

Katie Adaya

Want to get spooked before October ends? Then make sure to check out these haunted houses. All these are located in or around Los Angeles. Prices depend on the haunted house you choose to select, as well as the level of ticket you choose to purchase.


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Located in Griffith Park

General Admission: $39.99

Recommended for children of eight years or older.

There are four scare zones which include Purgatory, Haunted Hayride, House of Shadows, and Trick or Treat.


Halloween Horror Nights

Located in Universal Studios

General Admission: $74-105 depending on date

Recommended for children 13 years or older.

The mazes include Stranger Things, Trick ‘R Treat, The First Purge, Poltergeist, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter 2, Universal Monsters, The Walking Dead attraction, and the Terror Tram.


Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Located in Long Beach

General Admission: $20-29 depending on date

This attraction is only open Thurs.-Sun. with Oct. 31 as the only exception.

Recommended for children 12 years or older.

Monsters that are included in this scary attraction include the Chef, Samuel the Savage, Scary Mary, Half Hatch, Ringmaster, Iron Master, Voodoo Priestess, the Captain, and Graceful Gale.


Knott’s Scary Farm

Located in Buena Park

General Admission: $44-52 depending on date

Recommended for children 13 or older.

Mazes include Dark Ride, Dark Entities, The depths, Paranormal Inc., Pumpkin Eater, Shadowlands, Special Ops: Infected, The Red Barn, and Trick or Treat: Lights Out. Scare zones include CarnEVIL, Ghost Town Streets, Forsaken Lake, and The Hollow.


Fright Fest

Located in Valencia

General Admission: $53.99-89.99 depending on date

Recommended for children 13 or older.

Scare zones include the Shadows, City Under Siege, and Witches Lair. Haunted attractions include Condemned- Forever Damned, Sewer of Souls, Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising, Willoughby’s Resurrected, Red’s Revenge, and Hell Fest.

Dance Your Way To Homecoming

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Katie Adaya

Chronicle Reporter

Homecoming dance is approaching quicker than you think , and this year’s theme is disco. Make sure to grab your flare pants and groove your way to the dance floor. Shine your night away with your sequenced outfits and your best companions to this year’s nifty event. Purchase your tickets now for $13 only this week. Next week they will be sold for $15 and $20 at the door. Hurry and purchase them now while they are cheaper.

The dandy homecoming will be held in the big gym on Oct. 20. Doors are open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.  There will be food sold, spontaneous hits from now and then, and fond memories possibly created on the disco dance floor. Don’t forget to vote for the homecoming court nominees while you’re at it.

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