ASB applications due 05/13

Diana Morales

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

ASB Leadership has opened up applications until Friday, May 13 at 5 p.m. Students from all SLCs and grades will have the opportunity to apply and be interviewed in person for a position. The application letter can be found on Schoology or click here

In the letter, it says “we welcome all highly qualified students from all Small Learning Communities and grade levels looking to expand their leadership abilities and positively impact the Associated Student Body.” If you are interested in being in leadership, create an application.

The document explains what type of student they are looking for, what responsibilities leadership has, and the questions for the applicant. It also expands on what each of the five different committees does — which are Service & Wellness, Social Relations, Marketing and Design, Fundraising, and Public Affairs.

“When I was first applying, I was really scared about the whole process: interview and all. But as I learned the ins and outs, I really started getting comfortable and I found leadership to be so worth it,” said Giovanni Maya.

The requirements are:

  • Name, Email, Grade level, and SLC
  • MINIMUM 2.5 GPA; 3.0 cumulative (highly suggested)
  • Letter of Recommendation (from academic teacher ONLY)
  • Response to ALL of the three questions (minimum 200-300 words)
  • A list of extracurricular activities you plan to participate in the upcoming year
  • A copy of your current transcript
  • Order of your Committee Ranking Preference (from most to least interested in)

The first step is to create a Google Drive folder and title it ‘LastName_FirstName_ASB App.’ Then, include all the requirements, documents, and responses listed above in your drive. 

The questions asked are:

  1. How and why do you see yourself becoming a part of the Hollywood High School leadership community? (minimum 200 words)
  2. What proposals or ideas do you have, in terms of events, for the upcoming year? How will you bring said events to fruition? (minimum 300 words)
  3. Which committee do you believe you can contribute to the most, and how will you make it successful? How can you contribute to the other committees’ success? (minimum 200 words)

Lastly, share the drive to (ASB President) and (Vice President). 

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