Students can get vaccinations at Wellness Center

Valerie Carrillo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Early November during school, there was an announcement that vaccinations were being held at the Wellness Center and all that was needed from you was to book an appointment through the Daily Pass with one of the available sites being the Wellness Center at Hollywood High School, as well as with a parent consent. 

One of the things that has been impacted by the pandemic is the ability to play school sports. The vaccine mandate is important in LAUSD. Not only if students want to play the remainder of this and next semester you must have your first dose of the vaccination by Nov. 21 and your second dosage by Dec. 19. Those who are unable to obtain the vaccine yet wish to participate on a sports team must have a competent medical clearance.

Raul Lopez, a soccer player and an NMA senior, hadn’t had his first dose of the vaccine, “It was hard for me to book an appointment even if I wanted to, I don’t have anybody to take me to get it done.” 

“There was a lady in the front, her name is Natalie, she helped me book an appointment for Nov.11 on Thursday.” As to what he felt towards getting the shot, Raul said, “ Honestly I was so nervous because I’ve heard several things about the vaccine, but I know it’s only going to help me, and when it came to the day I was supposed to get vaccinated they cancelled it for some reason and it got pushed to Tuesday.”

Most people expect the vaccination process to take a couple of hours, most students go outside of campus and go to other districts, Julia Arcos stated that she went to a district that had her wait in a “ridiculous long line” they also proceeded to ask for her passport and her medical insurance. “I was hungry and I had to fill out information and sit down with a lady on a computer who was extremely rude and made me more nervous and anxious than I already was, but I mean  at least it’s over with now.” 

The Wellness Center allows students to ask questions about their concerns and make students feel welcomed and safe. “ I went after lunch to get my vaccine and it was the fastest process ever, they gave me candy afterwards too. Now I can play soccer and enjoy my senior year.” said Raul.

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