Seniors should spend break on college applications

Diana Morales

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Thanksgiving is less than a week away means that there will only be a few days left to turn in CSU and UC applications. Both CSU and UC applications are due by Nov. 30 but Kim Fabian, the college counselor, advises students to turn them in before Nov. 28 to avoid complications with the site.

She recommends focusing on the CSUs first since it doesn’t require essays, letters of recommendation, or descriptions of activities and can be finished within one sitting. However, there is an option to apply for the EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) which you can return to later after you submit your application. 

“They offer resources like tutoring for free,” said Fabian, about the EOP. If you feel underrepresented, the EOP is your chance to let colleges get to know more about you. EOP serves students from all ethnic backgrounds, first-generation students, and is open only to California residents and to American Indians from any state.

 “They have academic advising so when you’re feeling lost when you’re in college, you can talk to an academic advisor there that offers a lot of guidance of career resources so they could offer you insights and tips, and mentoring,” said Fabian. After students submit their CSU application, they should go on to work on the UC application. 

For the personal insight questions, she encourages seniors to have one day to work on two PIQ questions and then two on another day. These PIQs require long hours which can be mentally draining, so it is best to have breaks in between but also set a time limit for each. Additionally, do the extracurriculars and activities portion on another day with the help of using your CSU application for reference. 

Students will need two letters of recommendation for private schools, one from your counselor and one from a teacher; you may want to ask someone who knows you best. Make sure to ask 2-3 weeks before the due date to give them enough time.

Unfortunately, since Fabian can’t check everyone’s applications, seniors should check with their friends who already submitted them or received help. Although, she will be available Monday-Wednesday of Thanksgiving break for questions or concerns. 

“I’ll have spaces for students to work virtually, and then me and my colleagues from UCLA will be able to help with PIQs,” said Fabian.

For more information, check the Class of 2022 group on Schoology during Thanksgiving break on how to contact her and for reminders. 

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  1. It’s amazing that our school offers these type of opportunities for the seniors!

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