Five SAS students named to Girls State/Boys State


Octavian Bridges

Chronicle Reporter

Girls State and Boys State is an honors summer program for juniors that focuses on providing students with a deep understanding of government, politics, and leadership. Hollywood High School juniors that have been selected to join this program are SAS students Justin Castillo, Giovanni Maya, Diego Palomares and Christian Roque for Boys State, and Girls State representative Elizabeth Voloshina. 

What schools take into account when deciding who represents them is the student’s act of leadership, service/extracurricular activities, scholarships, and good character. Incoming juniors who are interested should make sure to contact their school counselor before winter break so they can reach out to a representative of the program. A list of possible candidates is then sent to a local American Legion or American Legion Auxiliary for review. 

Diego Palomares said, “I think it’s a very informative and educational program.”

Both programs will prepare students on how to function as American citizens. Students from both programs will be divided into the Nationalist Party and Federalist Party where they will roleplay as government officials such as a governor, mayor, or state legislators. As state legislators, students will have to write, propose, and pass bills along with their peers allowing them to further understand government roles. There is also a Boys/Girls State band and choir available for students to practice.

Christian Roque said he believes this program will allow him to develop his leadership skills as his prior leadership curriculums weren’t as strenuous. Elizabeth Voloshina, although shy, is a natural leader. Girls State helped her further improve her leadership skills. 

Christian and Elizabeth would recommend to join the program as it not only helps develop their communication skills but also boosts their confidence. “Be ready to brag, you gotta make yourself seem like the best candidate,” said Elizabeth, who went through a Zoom interview before being selected.

1 thought on “Five SAS students named to Girls State/Boys State

  1. I want to congratulate all Boy’s State and Girl’s State recipients. I am happy that Elizabeth will represent SAS to girl’s State. Elizabeth although shy, was enrolled in my Physical education class and demonstrated very high leadership skills as a freshman that I appointed her as a student leader when she was again enrolled in my class. Elizabeth also represented HHS at the 1st Student lead Advocates for Healthy Choices held at UCLA.

    Freddie Thompson, Physical Education HHS

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