Is the right being censored?


Leo Gilad

Chronicle Reporter

Every time a major conservative pundit gets banned off of social media, there is an uproar about freedom of speech, the first amendment, and the “leftist media”. Oh, and occasionally they might throw in a little nudge at the “powerful Jews” but that’s only if they’re far off the deep end. To be charitable to my conservative friends, I won’t assume that they’re implying the last one. But I’m not going to dismiss it entirely either.

The question remains: is the right being censored? 

According to, the #1 most viewed channel in the US is Fox News; a predominantly right-wing media source. In fact, I would go to say they’ve gone farther and farther right-wing over the course of the Trump presidency. The fact that they have enjoyed new growth in 2020 speaks volumes to the power of the conservative media machine.

Additionally, of the top 10 most viewed cable programs in the US, 7 are on Fox, and 4 of those are the top 4.

Maybe the leftist media hasn’t managed to take control of our television screens yet. Maybe it’s social media that they’ve ruled with an authoritarian fist. 

It’s hard to define the “left” in this regard, especially when talking about YouTube. Because while someone like Trevor Noah could be considered left, the more common association of ‘left’ would be someone like Hasan D. Piker–who is staunchly socialist. If we include everyone from center-left liberals to far left anarchists, then yes, the left does dominate YouTube, in terms of views, at least. But right-wing content machines such as PragerU heavily benefit from their corporate benefactors, and this applies to plenty of other right-wing pundits, such as Steven Crowder and Tim Pool. 

The cycle follows as such; a political commentator strays into Nazi territory, suffers some form of consequence, and complains about censorship for the next few years. The truth is that every single social media platform has terms of service. If you violate these terms of service, they have every right to kick you from their platform. It’s a little ironic seeing politicians, interviewed from their offices in DC, scream and shout about the supposed infringement of their free speech. I’m talking to you, Marjorie “Jewish Space Laser” Taylor Greene (yes, she actually thinks the Rothschild family’s space laser is responsible for wildfires).

In conclusion, are most people liberal? The short answer is yes. Are conservatives being censored? No they are not. Should Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene be shot to Jupiter? The jury’s out on that.

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