Top 10 video games played in 2020


Yahir Martinez

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If you play video games, you might want to check out the top 10 games played this year. You have most likely played these games during quarantine and are probably wondering where they rank on a top 10 list.

10. “The Last of Us Part 2”

“The Last of Us Part 2” is a solo player game with action-packed adventures throughout its story. The game has a lot of hype to it because it was a sequel to the first game in 2013, but some fans were disappointed with the story. The game is still popular, though, because people love solo story adventure games. “The Last of Us Part 2” can exclusively be played on PlayStation.

9. “Genshin Impact”

“Genshin Impact” is a free-to-play role-playing game published on Sept. 28. The game is about an open world environment with an action-based battling system that uses elemental magic, character switching, and uses ganache games monetization so that players can unlock new gear to become better. It’s an online-only game that has a limited amount of multiplayer content and you can play with up to four players. “Genshin Impact” can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or your mobile devices.

8. “Grand Theft Auto 5”

“Grand Theft Auto 5” (GTA 5) is a solo and multiplayer game that is still played to this day since its release back in 2013. GTA 5’s solo version of the game includes a story about three characters and how they live and what they do in Los Santos. The online multiplayer is a unique and fun experience because you could do and buy whatever you want. You can also play with your friends and do various game modes.

7. “Valorant”

“Valorant” is a team-based tactical shooter and first-person shooter set in the future. Players play as agents that have different abilities to either defend or attack the enemies. To win you must either kill the enemies and plant a bomb to win if you’re attacking. If you’re defending you must kill enemies but also defuse the bomb the enemies planted. “Valorant” is very fun to mess around on with your friends and also it could be very serious if you are trying to be competitive. “Valorant” can be played on PC.

6. “League of Legends”

“League of Legends” is a strategy game where you choose your character and it has different abilities to fight other players in the different game modes. In the main game mode called Summoner’s Rift, it’s a team of five trying to destroy another team’s Nexus, which is a structure that is in the middle of the enemy base with various defensive structures defending it. “League of Legends” can be very fun because of its diversity. The game is always fresh because you can learn the different play styles of the characters and the maps too. “League of Legends” can be played on PC.

5. “Fortnite”

“Fortnite” is an online battle royale that has 100 players on one map. There are many locations to land at to get weapons and there is also a building system that allows you to take advantage over your enemy. In order to win, you have to be the last alive or if you’re playing with friends you have to be the last team alive. Even though “Fortnite” has taken a loss in players playing the game, in its newest season five update the game has brought back most of its player base making it one of the most played games. “Fortnite” can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo switch, or a mobile device.

4. “Animal Crossing: New Horizon”

“Animal Crossing: New Horizon” is a solo or multiplayer game that allows players to build whatever they want on an island. You can go to your friend’s island to explore their creations on their island. The unique creations in the game gave people the ability to have virtual weddings, protests, and other things during the Covid-19 lockdown. “Animal Crossing: New Horizon” can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

3. “Minecraft”

“Minecraft” is another old game that was released in 2013. People do play this game because no matter what it’s always fun. In “Minecraft”, you can do many things but you decide to do whatever you want. “Minecraft” is also a multiplayer game and you can play with friends and in my own experience, the game is a lot better with friends. The game is just a never-ending experience with no limits. “Minecraft” can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo switch, or on your phone.

2. “Among Us”

“Among Us” was released back in June of 2018. The game blew up in 2020 with many different content creators showing the game to their fans and playing it too. “Among Us”, you are either an imposter or crewmate. As the imposter, you have to go kill crewmates and sabotage them from completing their tasks. Crewmates, on the other hand, complete tasks to win the game or they try to figure out who the imposter is to win. You can play with up to 10 people and when you play with your friends it’s a blast. “Among Us” can be played on a PC or a Mobile device.

1. “Call of Duty: Warzone”

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is an online battle royale where you go up against 150 people on a map called Verdansk. In Verdansk there are multiple locations to land and collect guns, armor plates, and cash that you can use at a buy station. Also, you have to run from the gas that is closing up the map and at the same  time, you have to kill or survive against other players to be the last one standing. This game was by far the most popular in 2020 because it just had a different feel to it. There are other battle royale like this but it being from the Call Of Duty franchise made this game very nostalgic and fun to play. “Call Of Duty: Warzone” can be played on PlayStation, PC, or Xbox. 

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