Students share their opinion on the fall semester


Brandon Ascencio

Chronicle Reporter

This school year is a historic one for us because our schools have all been shut down since March of this year. We have changed from in-person learning to having our classes in front of a computer at our own homes. As this semester comes to an end, we asked a student from each small learning community, “How do you feel about this semester compared to previous ones?”

“Well I think this semester has been tough,” said Diego Ortiz, TCA senior. “In my opinion, learning in person is easier than learning online. We get more homework than we’re used to and it’s pretty stressful doing work that is due either the next day or in a few days when we also have other classes to attend to. I will say I do like the minimum of 3 classes a day, it’s the right amount of classes.” 

Diego said he would prefer to be in school rather than virtually, since he can ask questions and get answers quickly. He said he can take notes easily and overall feels in-person school is a better environment for him.

Diego Ortiz, TCA senior

Ingrid Muniz, a senior SAS student, agreed. “Compared to previous semesters it was much harder for me to stay focused. I have so many things happening around me at home, so it was difficult to focus sometimes.” 

Ingrid said she has gotten accustomed to the idea of online schooling and does not prefer to return to in-person classes. With the pandemic still raging, she said she wouldn’t want to risk her family’s or neighbors’ lives if she ever were to contract the virus.

“Personally, I feel like school isn’t for me, but going to school physically was easier for me because I always needed a little extra help and it’s harder now that I can’t get one-on-one with teachers,” said Naydeline Angel, NMA senior.

Naydeline Angel, NMA senior

At the beginning of the year, Bryan Alvarado, PAM senior, said he felt like it was a simple walk in the park, and over time he started to feel unmotivated.

 “I would honestly take it with no hesitation, just to go back. In-person, seeing everyone, making more memories,” said Bryan. 

Whether to go back or not is a mixed issue, but how students feel about this school year seems to be a shared opinion. It seems not only students, but teachers are also no longer motivated. Some teachers just post homework and dismiss their class. Others pile their students in homework, not thinking that students might be busy at home, or feel tired and stressed. Don’t give up, and to all of you, happy holidays!

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