Choir performs virtual holiday concert


Anthony Jasso

Chronicle Reporter

The Voices of Hollywood Choir rang through the virtual halls of Schoology, Youtube and the Hollywood High website on Dec. 3, in commemoration of keeping the holiday spirit alive. Despite the rough situation of being stuck with virtual learning, Hollywood High School’s very own choir has found a way to overcome the obstacle of performing for all to hear. In a festive manner no less. There may be no auditorium, but there sure is technology. In a series of two videos you can listen to the voices of students, while enjoying the virtual performance put on display.

The first of these two videos is called “Somewhere In My Memory” and it is sung by all the members of The Voices of Hollywood Choir. The music plays for the ears to listen and a festive photo album style occupies the eyes. The choir pairing with the decorative background of the video helps to set the mood of the holiday season. The video goes beyond just having a festive wallpaper on screen. To replace what would have been a performance, there are the captured memories of the holiday season in the form of pictures from the choir. The names of choir members attach to the pictures they are in. You can feel a bond close to that of family within the video. Maybe it’s the unison of voices or the endearing images of happy people during a simpler time. The video isn’t a performance, but that’s the purpose. It’s not trying to imitate the feeling of viewing a performance, but rather introducing faces to the voices being heard. It follows through with the holiday ambiance and stirs up the emotions. 

The second video is titled “I Want To Stare At My Phone With You” which is sung by The Hollywood High Notes. For this video there is recorded footage of a virtual performance. With the theme revolving around cellphones. It’s rather clever considering that the song is about cellphones and chances are people are watching the performance on said device. The theme also pays homage to the school year being conducted through virtual learning. The display of the video itself is five cellphone borders with three screens in each phone showing a member of the Hollywood High Notes. This video feels more akin to a traditional performance due to fun hand movements with use of phones as props. Seeing the faces of those singing can set the familiar tone of a school performance. It’s a fun new way to give a cheerful performance in a virtual world.

Sure it’s not the same as being in a room filled with people watching a rehearsed performance, but it’s a great new way to showcase choir given the status of our pandemic world. Rather than missing what could have been, the choir presents a fun new festive performance in time for the holidays. The videos are innovative and are a fun way to get to see the faces of those who continue to sing despite there being no physical audience. It shows perseverance and the light-hearted nature of the videos raise the spirits of those who watch it. Especially during these times where we could all use a little cheering up.

Link to watch “Somewhere In My Memory” by The Voices of Hollywood Choir:

Link to watch “I Want To Stare At My Phone With You” by The Hollywood High Notes:

Listen to the audio version of “Choir Performs Virtual Performance”

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