The Mandalorian returns for a second season


Octavian Bridges

Chronicle Reporter

“The Mandalorian” season 2 episode 1 opens up with a beautiful background of the Mandalorian driving his spacecraft towards an unknown planet, when he’s greeted by smugglers trying to steal his beskar armor after looking for details on where he could find another Mandalorian like himself for further info on the Child. After his altercation with smugglers, he would be guided to find details of another Mandalorian on the planet Tatooine. 

The Mandalorian had a mission requiring him to capture some cargo and return it to the Empire. The Mandalorian begins to build a sense of remorse towards the cargo as it turns out to be an alien child with unique abilities like the force. He later disobeys his mission to return the child to the empire and goes on an adventure through the Star Wars universe trying to return the Child to his home planet and reunite him with his people.

This is due to his oath and pride of the Mandalorian code, where he swears to return the Child, also known as Baby Yoda, to his people after being saved by him in an altercation with a beast. Their bond for each other gradually increases for each other as they make their way across the galaxy.

The Mandalorian hits hyperspace and arrives on Tatooine, a fictional planet where the Mandalorian would start his new quest for the beginning of the episode leading forward. Greeted by many pop culture easter eggs and when he arrives on the planet he is greeted by an old friend. Who gives him coordinates on where he can find another one of his kind who may give him clues to the origin of the Child.

Overall, I rate this episode a 9/10. The references to the old pop culture of Star Wars like opening up the show in outer space, and even hinting at the return of a fan-favorite character was quite enjoyable. What I most enjoyed was the landscape views of the desert planet of Tatooine and how the costume designs of the aliens look spot on to their original counterparts. Though the start of the episode may have been lacking in action and development, it gave the audience thrilling visuals of towns, vehicles, and of course, can’t forget blue milk. Towards the end before the credits, there is a special surprise for fans making it a classic episode.

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