District should think before opening schools next semester

Griselda Salas

Chronicle Reporter

The probability of returning to school next semester has us all of us questioning what measures are going to be taken in order to secure our safety.

In a letter to the school community, LAUSD said all students and staff will be offered an initial COVID-19 test in order to provide information about the incidence of COVID-19 in our community. This initial test will help identify those with the virus. Another test will also be provided immediately prior to returning to school for those students and staff who decide to return to school facilities. Then the students and staff will continue with periodic testing in school.

Many students believe that returning to school the next semester wouldn’t be the best option for their safety. While others prefer to return to in-class instruction because they believe that they learn better that way.

Schools should really think and reconsider returning to in-class instruction because there are many measures that have to be taken in order to safely return. A well-considered plan has to be enforced in order to maintain a healthy environment in our school.

There are many measures that have to be taken in order to safely integrate ourselves to in-class instruction. These include instructions for seating, air conditioning, sanitation, and preparation for work space, and many more. A pilot program is under way to make sure that the Daily Pass App, an app that must be downloaded when returning to school, will work properly.

If we return to school our class schedule will be conflicted because there are many adjustments that are going to have to be made. Our class setting will also look different because we won’t be able to have as many students in a class as we used to before. We will have to be wearing our mask at all times, sanitizing often, and maintaining social distancing.

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