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Guadalupe Dominguez Trujillo
Sports Editor

Key Club continues to help communities and this time they are helping communities nationwide. This semester they have decided to work with the New York City based nonprofit, Luv Michael. 

The five year old nonprofit was founded by Michael Kessaris and his parents Dr. Lisa Liberatore and Dimitri Kessaris. Michael, a New York native, found it difficult to navigate in a world that is not autism friendly. Any opportunity he was given to help or just stay active within his community he took, like serving at his local church. Culinary arts seemed to be what Michael was passionate about, which is why the family decided to start a nonprofit that would sell granola made by young adults with autism. 

Luv Michael is no longer just a nonprofit but an employer to teens and young adults who were diagnosed with autism. These hardworking and dedicated young adults are responsible for all products sold by Luv Michael. They promise buyers that their products are organic as well as nut and gluten free for those with food allergies. 

Key Club was captivated by the amount of work the organization has put into employing and training young adults with autism. “We thought doing this campaign to support their nonprofit would be our way of supporting people with autism, since they tend to be overlooked and we often take for granted opportunities we have that are much more difficult for them to come across,” said Angelica Whipple, Key Club president. 

In order for Luv Michael to keep employing young adults with autism donations and purchases which is why Key Club has decided to hold a fundraiser. Each member’s goal is to raise $500. As of now over a hundred donations and over $3,000 donated. Money that as Whipple puts it will “expand their operations”.

 Key Club’s goal by the end of the fundraiser is $10,000. By donating $35 you will receive a bag of Luv Michael’s granola and a handwritten thank you card. Key Club would like to remind students that every donation counts, “Your help allows their mission to expand and give autistic adults more employment opportunities.” Donations will be accepted until Thanksgiving on Thursday Nov. 26. 

For the money that has already been donated, Key Club president Angelica congratulates and thanks members Alyssa Cabahug, Ingrid Avancena, Christian Roque, Crystal Bolanos, and Allison Moreno. 

If you have any questions feel free to send a direct message to the official Hollywood Key Club Instagram account @hwoodkeyclub. 

For more information on Luv Michael go to: 

Donation Link: 

Key Club Instagram account : @hwoodkeyclub 

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