First post-COVID blockbusters hit the screen

Cristal Rincon

Entertainment Editor

After months of quarantine and delayed releases, two of the most anticipated movies of 2020 were released on the weekend of Sept. 4. “Tenet” and Disney’s “Mulan” both debuted with two different screening approaches, and different receptions.

The sci-fi epic, “Tenet“, took the title as one of the first post-COVID movies to return to theaters. The Christopher Nolan blockbuster was originally scheduled for release on July 17, but was delayed three times due to the pandemic. With a substantial percentage of theaters remaining closed and newly imposed safety regulations for the theaters that are open, the film did not receive the reception that was expected for a studio like Warner Bros. 

Opposing Tenet’s in-theater screenings, Disney opted to release their live action remake, “Mulan”, as available for purchase on the streaming site Disney+. This decision came after multiple delays from its original release date on March 27. For an additional fee of $29.99, Disney+ subscribers are given the chance to view the film for as many times as they like before it’s released to all subscribers in December. 

Both releases were considered the guinea pigs for the current future of the entertainment industry. The release that receives most financial success could indicate the way viewers watch movies for the rest of the year.

“It’s not likely that I would go to a movie theater in the upcoming months, just because I try to be very cautious when it comes to exposure to the virus,” says Raquel Kaufman, SAS Senior. “I think it is safer for them to be released online like “Mulan” to avoid spreading COVID-19.” 

With more anticipated films like “Wonder Woman 1985” and “Dune” nearing their release dates, audiences wonder whether studios will risk an in-theater release, turn to online streaming, or continue to keep viewers waiting by delaying the films even longer.

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