Hollywood High School’s New Football Coach

By: Alexander Oppenheimer, Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High school experienced an undermining season with a record of 3-8, change was needed. Leighton Milton, the new Hollywood High football coach is a teacher at the school for multiple different subjects. Milton has exceptional football experience; as an alumni of the great D1 school Arizona State University football team, he has great experience and knowledge of the game. Milton was questioned about the upcoming season, when asked how he is feeling about the upcoming season,
“Before this madness began, I was just hired to be head coach and began interviewing potential assistant coaches. We did hire a coach who was recently at Bernstein HS, Coach Daniel Hill. We scrambled to get the equipment ready and had to contact other schools to set up our season schedule. Other schools had their schedules completed months ahead of us. Ms. Phipps and I have been cleaning and organizing the weight room and I’ve been scrambling to create a weightlifting program. So now with this virus, I’m worried that our season will be affected as it has shut down our spring training” He stated. When asked about what the plans for the upcoming season are he said
“I feel like we are starting over again and we’ve been thrown into a new league where there is no JV football, which I think is vital in establishing a football program. For now, it’s just setting up the program and playing smart and tough football this fall.” This is also not Milton’s first time coaching a high school football team,
“No, football has been a part of my life since 10th grade. After attending and playing 2 years at Pasadena City College I earned a student/athletic scholarship to the university of Arizona. We went to three Bowl games including the Fiesta Bowl in 1994 against the Miami Hurricanes where Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson and his teammates were soundly defeated by my team (29-0). The ring I always wear is my PAC-10 Championship ring marking this occasion. From there I played a few years of semi-pro football and rugby. I had the opportunity to try out for the Dallas Cowboys but didn’t make the team. I’ve coached football at various high schools in Pasadena and LAUSD and I coached basketball at Lincoln HS. But this is my first time being a Head Coach of a football team. I’m thankful that I’ve had great coaches in my past who have influenced me: Coach Coldiron and Coach Gossard at PCC and Coach Tomey, Coach McDuff, and especially for to Coach Brooks who came to my Dad’s house and offered me the Student/Athletic scholarship to the University of Arizona.” He stated. Lastly, to describe him as a coach,
“I like being prepared. The Army ROTC program at the University of Arizona helped me learn what leadership is and how to manage people working with you. I don’t like screaming and yelling. I know some players and coaches spend a lot of time doing that. This is an emotional game and we are all human, so there might be moments of loud enthusiasm or frustration from me. I’m more or a Defensive player so I think from that perspective.”
Everyone looks forward to the new and upcoming football team and season at Hollywood high school.

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