Seniors celebrate College Signing Day

Joan Kim


Seniors have officially made their commitment to enroll in a college on May 1. As many seniors made important decisions that will lead their stages of their lives, they celebrated all together. “College Signing Day” is a tradition where seniors can feel accomplished for all their hard work throughout their high school career. Seniors at Hollywood High School decided to announce their commitment and their celebratory message for others. 

“I am committed to Cal State LA and I will be studying Television, FIlm, and Media Studies. I want to say to other seniors to not put so much pressure of having your entire life figured out. Things change especially with you right now. We just need to take one day at a time.”- PAM Senior, Grace Jones

“ I am happy and proud to say I’m committing to Yale in the fall. I will major in either Latin American Studies; Ethnicity, Race, and Migration; Medicine and Public Health. I plan to go to dental school after completing my undergraduate degree. I’m hopeful for the upcoming year as all of us go down our paths towards success. I plan to come back to help the following Hollywood Classes.”- SAS Senior, Carmen Muniz

“I am committed to California State University Fullerton as an electrical engineering major. I would like to tell all the seniors of 2020: we are put down by all this, yes, but our power is stronger as we continue to move forward. Don’t dwell on this  issue and strive to be better than the world,”- NMA Senior,Esteban Fonseca

“I am committing to Cal State Long Beach with an undeclared major so I am able to explore different subjects and careers. For my fellow seniors who are undeclared or do not know what career to pursue, that is completely normal! Don’t stress out the first year of college is the best opportunity to branch out and see what you like or dislike.”-SAS Senior, Nicole Kaye Agustin

“I am happy to commit at Cal State University of Los Angeles. I wish the best for all the seniors and to always strive for success!”-SAS Senior, Jose Saban

“I am happy to commit to UCLA this fall! Congrats to all the seniors, I hope everyone is doing well.”- SAS Senior, Andrea Henao

“I am committed to Howard University. Thank you to everyone for making my high school experience unlike any other. I can’t wait to see where we all end up!”-PAM Senior, Zöe Schiller

“I am excited to commit to UCSC studying Biology/Pre-Med. I hope everyone is staying safe during these troubled times and I am proud of the Class of 2020.”-SAS Senior, Roberto Ortega

“I am happy about my decision to commit to UCI as a Film and Media Studies Major. I wish the Class of 2020 the best in their future endeavors.”-PAM Senior, Jasmin Kim (Copy Editor of The Crimson Chronicle)

“I am committing to UC Davis and I will study Theatre and Dance. Remember to just have fun and don’t lose yourself just studying. Make new friends and make new experiences.”-SAS Senior, Maria Solis.

“I am attending San Diego State studying Journalism and Media Studies. Even though this wasn’t the senior year that we dreamed of, this will definitely remind us that we can get through anything. The Class of 2020 holds all of the leaders of the future.”-PAM Senior, Johvonne Roberts

“If you told me a year ago that I would be committing to UC Irvine, I would have never believed you. After getting accepted into all my Cal States and ¾ of my UCs, I am proud to say I will be attending University of California Irvine on a full-ride Chancellors of Excellence Scholarship. I will be pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Biology in the Paul Merage School of Business. Congratulations to all my fellow seniors around the world during this particularly strange time.”- SAS Senior, Christine Morales

“Even with social distancing, I’m still able to manage to share my joy of committing to CSUN in the fall, it was not my first choice. Looking at how dire this pandemic is, I am fine knowing I have my parents with me to support my transition as a Matador.”-SAS Senior, America Florez (Entertainment Editor of The Crimson Chronicle)

“I am proud and excited that I committed to USC as a Sociology Major on a Pre-Med Track. I would like to thank the seniors, upperclassmen, underclassmen and teachers who have supported me throughout high school. I will treasure my experience at Hollywood High School. I will also never forget the experience I had with four years of Journalism. Everyone on the staff raised me to be the person I am today. I will dearly miss everyone and hope that everyone will accomplish their dreams and be happy.”- SAS Senior, Joan Kim (Editor-in-Chief of The Crimson Chronicle)

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