Hollywood looks into postponing senior events

Nayeli Alviar 

Photo Editor 

With the pandemic of the coronavirus, 2020 seniors were disappointed with the idea that perhaps prom and graduation weren’t going to happen in the ways that were expected. Jokes even started to surface on the app TikTok about prom and graduation being held on a video chat. But Hollywood High Seniors may still have a shot at a movie like prom and graduation. 

On April 3, 2020 families received a voicemail from Dr. Reid reminding students to catch up on work and to remain on a regular schedule. The voicemail ended with a message regarding prom and graduation. “Finally, if we don’t reopen school by May 1st, we are working on rescheduling our graduation and prom for the first week of August, before students leave for college.” Dr. Reid said. With the coronavirus being an ongoing epidemic, no certain date has been assigned to any of these events. 

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