New COVID 19 Schedule announced

Joan Kim


As the coronavirus became worse, LAUSD announced to close schools until May 1. Since students will need to stay home for more than a month, a new COVID 19 schedule was announced in order for students to receive learning material from their instructors. With a planned schedule, students are expected to complete assignments given and participate in meetings with Zoom (a platform that allows students to interact with their teachers remotely).

After Spectrum provided free internet services for students and Chromebook were distributed, students are expected to use the online resources in order to learn. Some students have been introduced to Zoom in order to check with their classmates and teachers.

“Currently, my AP English Literature teacher, Ms. Laurie Tobenkin is sticking with the new COVID 19 schedule. We were able to communicate with her this week through Zoom.” said SAS Senior Daniel Kang.

Although the new schedule does not make students meet with all six periods like a normal school schedule, they can interact with three periods per day. With three blocks with a given lunchtime, on Mondays and Wednesday students will communicate with their first, second and third periods with a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will communicate with their fourth, fifth and sixth periods with also a duration of one hour and thirty minutes each. On Fridays, there are no meetings with any periods, however, students can use Friday as a day to catch up or review any additional work that they did not complete. 

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