Hollywood High Volleyball Team Spikes Down Their Opponents

Jasmin Kim
Copy Editor

The Hollywood High boy’s volleyball team started off their season with a dub! They had a home game against Gardena High’s team on Friday, Feb 28 and maintained their outstanding reputation. 

The varsity team won their first game 3 to 0 after vigorous training under Coach Beverly Kilpatrick. “It was an easy win.” said Rachel Fadersaer, a member of the Hollywood High girl’s volleyball team.

Captain Matthew Herrera led the varsity team to their victory! A serve from the Hollywood High team won the final point in the game against Garden High.

Last year’s team ended their season with a record of 13 wins and 8 losses. This team is already on a great start with their 2 wins from the game against Gardena and the game against Mendez.

Sadly, due to the corona virus outbreak, all sports events have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely to promote social distancing. This will help control the spread of the virus and if successful, even bring school back into session.

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