Time is ticking for the class of 2021

Guadalupe Dominguez

Chronicle Reporter

Time is ticking as the first SAT of the semester approaches. For many who are in the class of 2021, it will be their first time taking the SAT. This year an in-school testing day has been arranged by the administration and with large help from Alyssa Pinedo, the college counselor.

The class of 2021 will be taking their SAT with essay on Feb. 4th. Leaving juniors with approximately a month left to study. Ingrid Muniz, SAS Junior, says, “I feel very nervous but not too nervous because I know I can retake it when I am a senior … I am hoping to at least get a 1300 or more.”

If you are still trying to look for practice or tips here are a few:

  1. SAT practice booklets are available in the college center.
  2. There is an SAT app available which lets you practice both ELA and math questions on your mobile device allowing you to practice on the go.
  3. Khan Academy is also one of the most used websites to practice for the SAT.
  4. Diagnose your skills by using a practice booklet beforehand so you are aware of what you need to work on.
  5. Take at least two full practice SAT tests and try to make one of them on paper just to get familiar with the atmosphere.
  6. DO NOT STAY UP THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR TEST! This will not be the last time you take it, there are already future dates coming up.

For more read Ms. Pinedo’s updates on Schoology and visit Khan Academy’s “Planning your SAT”.

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