Wildfires are Consuming CA

Jasmin Kim
Copy Editor

Wildfires are plaguing California yet again. It seems to be becoming a trend for California to have big wildfires around this time of the year. Many fires are burning in different areas of California.

The most recent fire is the one in Simi Valley and the Getty Fire in Los Angeles. Many fires have barely been contained and have driven many people out of their homes. Thankfully, there have been no fatalities caused by the wildfires.

The strong winds have fueled the fires and caused even more to erupt. Emergency evacuations have taken place and power has been cut in some counties to prevent any more blazes. The smoke and heat have put many people in danger, including LAUSD students.

Many students have had to temporarily move away from their homes and can not attend school. Schools have been canceled or postponed in relation to the fire. Some colleges have even delayed their early decision and early action applications.

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