High school lesson : you reap what you sow

Ethan Murga

News Editor

The four years went by quick … not really. High school came with friends from elementary, middle school, kids that moved from other schools and upper-class men who were already here.

So “it went by quickly”, that’s an overstatement. It was like running a mile: fast, then slow, then almost there and then the last lap took forever. But the beginning of the last lap, trying to figure out where you’ll run next, that’s when you reflect on yourself and who you are. Did you learn anything during the previous three laps, how to pace yourself, maybe. Or even savor the moments of high school.

Everyone comes up with new ideas, beliefs and actions after the four years that contribute to the timeline that determines who you will be, over who you’re supposed to be.

“You reap what you sow” comes out a little negative because nobody ever wants to face consequences, and that is what it’s all about.

So my point here is: address every problem because you’ll always face it sooner or later, in other words, “you reap what you sow”.

This is the advice portion, and this is where I’ll share the insight I do have. Something I have learned early on is that if you think about it everyone will have some regret or some dark days, but where it matters most is if you let the regret and dark days conquer you or you take something new out of them.

So senior year hits right and now I’m the News Editor for Journalism, I represent the “student voice” in ASB / Leadership and also I’m the Bulletin Editor for Key Club. Oh and on top of that I have a job. Okay so on paper for college this looks outstanding right, well, I got into five colleges. So, what did I take from all these activities that would eat up my time?

Well, the newspapers had some (an understatement) of mistakes on the news portion, I hardly ever spoke up in Leadership “to represent” the students, the whole year I went to like four Key Club events and stopped posting on social media a little more than half way into the school year, but I did do my submissions and then there’s my job. I worked a lot of hours and got a handful of experience in being yelled at by people who were bothered by something else beyond me and paid a bill or two at home with the money I made.

What have I taken from these obstacles and their outcomes? The newspaper has made me pay attention to every detail especially in life and read over everything thousands of times;  ASB that you cannot control others and many things in life nor speak for them; Key Club that failure is good and important and my job has taught me millions of things, but mostly how much a dollar is worth. My closest friends have taught me to prioritize them because they’ve redeemed themselves as my backbone and family. All of these situations where I found myself in a difficult place have each taught me a different lesson that I can apply into my next situation.

So it’s like yeah, you may ask “why’d I sign yourself up for all that and then not even follow through?” well, it’s tough. Do you really want to resign, of course not. So what did I do, I reaped what I sowed. I faced the consequences and that’s how I learned to live and that’s okay. The lesson most predominating from what I took from my four years altogether is to learn from the obstacles you go through and apply what you learned to the next chapter of your life.

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