High school lesson : you reap what you sow

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High school lesson : you reap what you sow

Ethan Murga

News Editor

The four years went by quick … not really. High school came with friends from elementary, middle school, kids that moved from other schools and upper-class men who were already here.

So “it went by quickly”, that’s an overstatement. It was like running a mile: fast, then slow, then almost there and then the last lap took forever. But the beginning of the last lap, trying to figure out where you’ll run next, that’s when you reflect on yourself and who you are. Did you learn anything during the previous three laps, how to pace yourself, maybe. Or even savor the moments of high school.

Everyone comes up with new ideas, beliefs and actions after the four years that contribute to the timeline that determines who you will be, over who you’re supposed to be.

“You reap what you sow” comes out a little negative because nobody ever wants to face consequences, and that is what it’s all about.

So my point here is: address every problem because you’ll always face it sooner or later, in other words, “you reap what you sow”.

This is the advice portion, and this is where I’ll share the insight I do have. Something I have learned early on is that if you think about it everyone will have some regret or some dark days, but where it matters most is if you let the regret and dark days conquer you or you take something new out of them.

So senior year hits right and now I’m the News Editor for Journalism, I represent the “student voice” in ASB / Leadership and also I’m the Bulletin Editor for Key Club. Oh and on top of that I have a job. Okay so on paper for college this looks outstanding right, well, I got into five colleges. So, what did I take from all these activities that would eat up my time?

Well, the newspapers had some (an understatement) of mistakes on the news portion, I hardly ever spoke up in Leadership “to represent” the students, the whole year I went to like four Key Club events and stopped posting on social media a little more than half way into the school year, but I did do my submissions and then there’s my job. I worked a lot of hours and got a handful of experience in being yelled at by people who were bothered by something else beyond me and paid a bill or two at home with the money I made.

What have I taken from these obstacles and their outcomes? The newspaper has made me pay attention to every detail especially in life and read over everything thousands of times;  ASB that you cannot control others and many things in life nor speak for them; Key Club that failure is good and important and my job has taught me millions of things, but mostly how much a dollar is worth. My closest friends have taught me to prioritize them because they’ve redeemed themselves as my backbone and family. All of these situations where I found myself in a difficult place have each taught me a different lesson that I can apply into my next situation.

So it’s like yeah, you may ask “why’d I sign yourself up for all that and then not even follow through?” well, it’s tough. Do you really want to resign, of course not. So what did I do, I reaped what I sowed. I faced the consequences and that’s how I learned to live and that’s okay. The lesson most predominating from what I took from my four years altogether is to learn from the obstacles you go through and apply what you learned to the next chapter of your life.

Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

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Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

Ethan Murga

News Editor

Many students participated in the Free Speech Friday event held in room 502 by voicing their opinions about democracy and politics.

The Crimson Chronicle culminated Scholastic Journalism Week by giving students a platform to express themselves, their ideas and opinions. The topic of Democracy quickly evoked a discussion due to several students difference of opinions about politics.

The topic of democracy was brought up when one student listened to the ideas and opinion of another student wearing a make America great again hat. The Students brought topics concerning Racism and homophobia in the Presidents administration. As well as the topics of love and hate that are common in the human nature. The idea of agreeing to disagree and living with understanding concluded the event.

Free Speech Friday is possibly in the works of being an event every other Friday.

AP Furioso : The new guy on the block

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Pacino Furioso - 1

Ethan Murga 

Isaak Ramirez

Chronicle Reporters


When one door closes, another opens. For Pacino Furioso, a desk for him has opened up at Hollywood High School as the newest assistant principal.

Furioso graduated from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and majored in English. Furioso has much and various experience with working with students of all ages, specifically sixth through 12th grade.

Furioso is no stranger to working in a classroom in different schools. “I’ve also been working with Alliance Charter Schools,” Furioso said. “I wanted to come back because oftentimes charter schools don’t have the comprehensive programs as something like Hollywood High…”

One specific factor for Hollywood would be the transition in the sports program. Furioso went from sharing athletics with other schools at his previous workplace to having a full stadium and basketball gym at Hollywood.

As every administrator is assigned to a Small Learning Community (SLC), Principal Colacion has SAS; Samuel Dovlatian has TCA; Lori Gambero has PAM; this leaves Furioso as the new NMA administrator.

Furioso said, “I really liked teaching 9th grade students English and 12th grade, because like 12th they’re getting ready to go on that journey to college… but I also like teaching the ninth graders because sometimes the ninth graders came into high school like not knowing what high school was about so I wanted to use English to get them excited about literature.”

Furioso said he is grateful for a variety of programs and diversity of cultures in the high school. One important idea he feels is that the whole core of the school is the arts.

One of the biggest hobbies and interests for Furioso is traveling. Having taken interest in exploring new places and sights, he seeks to explore more of the Hollywood area. Furioso said, ” San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth” as well as his fascination for Iceland being another beautiful location on Earth.

Being the new kid on the block, Furioso is adjusting to the school. “Learning about the campus I’ve been walking around trying to meet kids and trying to find out where things are.”

Although Furioso is new to the school, it isn’t hard to tell he’ll adapt to the Hollywood culture fairly quickly.


Track ends season on high note

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L.A. runs on for its 33rd marathon

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Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter


As it does every year, Los Angeles hosted it’s 26.2 mile run stretching from the Dodgers Stadium all the way to the Santa Monica Pier.

The marathon had different start times all of which ranged from 6:30-6:55 a.m. It began at Elysian Park and finished in Downtown Santa Monica. Every runner was awarded a metal after the race was over as they were also able to look at their times for personal best, prior to the 6:30:59 mark hitting runners were able to see their times at the finish line, afterwards runners would not be guaranteed a time.

The run as always was very crowded with over 24,000 runners, the run had sold out and was a massive event that closed down large portions of the city. The fastest runner, Ismail Ssenyange ran an impressive 2:21:36, marathon averaging about a 5:30 min mile pace.

Many different High School teams, clubs, and many other groups were able to run the marathon like students run Los Angeles (SRLA) . The Sheik SRLA team ran the marathon as well with students, and staff. The team had an impressive whole team run and finish the 26 mile with change journey. It is a run that takes much preparation as the team has been practicing hard for months, starting roughly in the beginning of September running large amounts of miles. For students to have the marathon completed is a large task that takes mental strength, physical strength, and discipline.

Whether any given runner had a certain time or not, it is still a great accomplishment to having finished the 26 mile expedition.

Eagles Defeat Patriots at the Super Bowl

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: The Philadelphia Eagles celebrate defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter

It had seemed to be almost too good to be true, on a cold 34 degree night, when Tom Brady fumbled the ball, resulting in a victory for the underdog team the Eagles. The Super Bowl was played on Feb. 4, in a closed U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The whole state, most importantly the Philadelphia native citizens, had been waiting for this moment since their (13-3) season ended. While the Patriots fans had accustomed themselves to being at this stage often. The two battled it out in a hard-fought, Gatorade filled and extremely intense game. The Eagles would take a 41-33 victory over the established yet dominant Patriots.

Prior to the game, the Eagles had been arguably the most dominant team in the NFC. In one of the most exciting games of the season with two groups of promising young players, a future candidate for the MVP went down. It had been extremely nerve wracking when Carson Wentz was taken to the locker room and even more upsetting when the Eagles had announced some of the worst news possible: Wentz had torn his ACL and was out for the rest of the season.

The Eagles quickly relied on Second-String Quarterback, Nick Foles whom produced to have been reliable.

The Patriots have been well used to the stage before. The Patriots had struggled the beginning games of the season with a controversial 40-year-old Quarterback starting and an inconsistent defense. The Patriots quickly overcame struggles early in the season finding their way into a (13-3) record.

The Eagles had a dominant championship game. The Eagles would play arguably the best well-rounded defense in the league, the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings having had the chance to be the first team to play the Super Bowl at home. Although it was a pleasant sight, the Eagles would dominate the Vikings in a 38-7 victory.

The Patriots are familiar to championship games. After having a hot start with a great defense and young players with a bright future the Jaguars quickly took the lead. At a 14-10 lead at half time for the Jaguars, Tom Brady realized he would not go down without a fight. Fueling his team to a 24-20 comeback victory over the Jaguars.

The Stage was set, Justin Timberlake was the half time show host and two dominant teams were in one of the biggest games and consoderably, the most special day in their life. The Eagles received the ball with a hot start. As they quickly took the lead 9-3 in the first half it seemed it was too good to be true for the underdogs. With one of the most special plays having gone down in Super Bowl history, Nick Foles called a trick play of which he caught to give the Eagles the lead over the Patriots 22-12 before heading to the locker room. Tom Brady would familiarize himself with the situation in order to focus. Coming off of a regenerizing half time, Tom Brady was ready to fuel a comeback. Outscoring the Eagles 14-7 in the third quarter put the game at 29-26 slightly in favor of the Eagles. Eagles would get a kick to put them up 32-26 with almost a full quarter left. As the pair does best, Brady and Rob Gronkowski connect for an 11-yard touchdown, putting the Patriots up 33-32. Zach Ertz would have a controversial call in his favor over the touchdown that put the Eagles up 38-32. As the Patriots got the ball back Tom Brady would try to work his magic just before being strip sacked, or fumbled by Derek Barnett. As Nick Foles led the team to being short of the end zone the Eagles completed a kick putting the underdogs up 41-33. While Tom Brady had seconds short of a minute, Brady struggled to complete a hail mary as the clock ran down with no Patriots receiver having come down with the football in the end zone.

For the Eagles fans, for the underdogs, for the city, for Carson Went and Rocky it was simply too good too be true.

National Nothing Day strikes again

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national nothing day

Ethan Murga

Crimson Chronicle 

January 16, also referred to as National Nothing day is a day about nothing, literally. According to Nationaldaycalender.com, National Nothing Day was created by a columnist, Harold Coffin, and has been acknowledged as National Nothing Day since 1973. Except that National Nothing Day is actually not a holiday.

National Nothing Day’s purpose is solely to celebrate nothing, or celebrate life itself.

It is a day that can be spent celebrating a birthday, just sitting at home watching TV, and anything anybody would consider time consuming. Any given person’s nothing day can revolve really around just about anything they desire.

What makes this weird national day special, one might ask. Well, usually National days have a significant object, person, place or event to revolve around however this National Day orbits around what you feel like doing. Or even what you do daily whether it’s going to work, going school or if it’s your birthday. The most interesting thing about this National Day is that someone goes around their own purpose or meaning one of the only days of the year that focuses on you.

National Nothing Day does share it’s date with other National Days, National Religious Freedom day and National Fig Newton Day.

Although on this day, you may publicly share your religion or enjoy the sweetness of Fig Newtons. Or you can also do nothing.

Basketball hoops into season

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Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter

 It’s that time of the year again where the gym’s jumping with the noise of loud squeaky shoes as we celebrate basketball season. The basketball players stay on their grind as they wake up early mornings after late nights of doing homework to get ready for the next game.

    As this year’s games are mixed there is no real individual pre-season and season. Since their first scrimmage game, Red vs White, the team was split into two different teams. The boy’s first game was against Manuel Arts at home where the teams went into overtime in a hard fought, intense filled game Manuel Arts. The Sheiks would leave their territory with a win 59-56.

   Coach Rico Myles felt that in the loss “the team left a lot on the table” after the game. “We played really well and competed but it was just small turnovers that kinda costed us the game”, said Coach Rico.

The team having started off on the wrong foot went on to face Hawkins High away and would leave with a 55-51 win. It was a close game but the Sheiks would get a win complementary to their lost. In a league matchup against the Contreras Cobras, the Sheiks would stay home with a dominating 91-34 win. The Sheiks would hold the Cobras to under 40 points with a win by 57 points. Hollywood played rival school Bernstein in a close game, the Sheiks would leave Bernstein High with a 69-62 win. Coach Myles said “I think we did really well. We fought to the end… Niko Gooden stepped up big time for us, Jared Layne stepped up for us big time and Narek hit some big 3’s down the stretch for us to help us cap the game.” Coach Myles would also add an interesting fact of which it was his first personal time beating Bernstein in his 3 years as the Hollywood Basketball coach. Although it is early within the season it is easy to see that the Sheiks will try their earnest hardest to go as far as they can. “I’m feeling confident we can take the city title,” said Adam Schiller. Coach Myles also expects much more success from his newly formed team as they are young team coming together. “Our best basketball is in front of us, right now figuring out how to play with each other” when speaking about their losses. Varsity basketball remains 5-2. JV basketball remains 6-0 consistently coming to play every game like their last. JV has been on a 6 game winning streak since the beginning of the season with wins against Manuel Arts, Hawkins, Bernstein, Contreras, Mendez, and East Valley by forfeit. “Probably more on defense on offense we do okay,” said JV basketball player Jacob Jimenez as in their style of play. Much is to come for Hollywood basketball as they continuously work hard and learn something new everyday to incorporate into their game.

Hollywood hosts 86th annual parade

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Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter

Starting, arguably, the most wonderful time of the year, this year’s Hollywood Christmas Parade was as beautiful as the one from last year. On Sunday, Nov. 26, the Christmas parade came back to Hollywood, California to spread its influence and scenery once again. From Betty Boop to Darth Vader and Santa Clause, many civilians who live in Los Angeles came to watch this yearly attraction.

Although it is only November, it is the time of year when black friday shopping for Christmas presents is at its peak and stuffing ourselves with turkey is a past memory. It is a clear way of welcoming the holidays until Christmas, which celebrates and gives students of all ages to look forward to Christmas vacation of 3 weeks to sleep and procrastinate homework until the last day.

Nevertheless, the Christmas parade could be considered stunning as always, giving a most unforgettable feeling, a sense of warmth for all ages. As the parade is 3.5 miles on Hollywood Boulevard it goes back on Sunset, a neighboring street as it is so lengthy, the parade easily gives a well amount of citizens a joyful experience. As families camp out, they sit in their seats they wait for many familiar charachters to pass by concluding most recognizable, Santa Clause in the end.

As it is closer to the christmas citizens of Hollywood or generally Los Angeles would see and experience great attractions and joyful experiences.

Catch the sixth World Series game on Halloween

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By Ethan Murga

Crimson Chronicle

Following up on Sunday’s game, the Dodgers are back in Los Angeles. They now have home field advantage and are down 3-2 to the Houston Astros. The Dodgers having an over 100 win season, much like the Astros who have just as many wins have the potential to even out the possibilities of who will win.

However, the Astros have taken the lead. The Dodgers have power hitters such as Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig as well as star pitcher Clayton Kershaw. However the Astros stars, Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve.

The Dodgers would go down 3-2 after a loss in Houston. In a tough loss to the Astros, the game would consists of 10 innings and would end after 5 hours. All hours of which would be chilling and nerve wrecking to both set of fans. As both teams have been in a sort of drought ,where the Dodgers have not won a world series since 1988 and the Astros have one world series of which occurred in 2005. Needing 4 games to win the world series, the Astros have 3 wins so far and a win tonight in Los Angeles will give them the title as well as break the hearts of Dodgers fans’.

When asked about expectations of tonight’s crucial game, Sergio Sanchez, a member of Hollywood High School’s baseball team, had to say ” Dodgers have the upper hand because of home field advantage and they have all their hitters in place. The Dodgers went against Verlander and almost won so that shows that Dodgers can win. ”

The Dodgers are still big contenders to win the game without a doubt being at home. In a dark night in Los Angeles many wonder if there will be a Game 7 or if it will all end tonight.

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