Mercury scare temporarily closes two classrooms

Alex Glebov
Chronicle Reporter

As some students have noticed, Rooms 310 and 311 have been sealed of with yellow tape to stop people from entering. The reason for the seal was that Frank Muniz, plant manager, had contacted the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to test the classrooms to see if mercury was present.

The reason for the test was that a teacher in one of those classrooms had felt ill and Assistant Principal Pacino Furioso suspected a thermostat breaking and causing a mercury leak, as there was a case of a thermostat breaking before.

Both classes were relocated just to not take any chances with a potential mercury leak, and to give time to OEHS to come in and test the classrooms with a state-of-the-art device for mercury. The tests showed that there was no mercury leak in any of the classrooms and everything will go back to the usual very soon.

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