Track and Field prepares for the upco​min​g season

Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

Track and Field had a preseason race against Abraham Lincoln High School and Esteban E. Torres High School on Friday, March 1. Their season starts this week and their first race will be against Downtown Magnet High School on March 8 at Hollywood.

The team has been practicing since January, preparing themselves for this season. Usually, their practice consists of running three to seven miles daily. Ashley Zulueta, SAS junior and a first-year runner, is doing sprints and hurdles. “My preseason race had me nervous all day, but I feel like I did better than I expected for a first-timer.” Although she tripped a few times at the events she said she would not “let it faze” her.

She is going to use her experiences from preseason to achieve her goals. Her goal for this upcoming season are to “become a better hurdler,” and to “overcome the general statements that ‘short’ people aren’t the best option for hurdle races.” To achieve her goals she plans to push herself every day by “running and sprinting more than usual” to build her endurance and to eat healthier and put a limit to junk food.

Brandon Aguila, distance runner and SAS sophomore said, “I feel pretty well for my first track meet.” His teammates supported him as he ran and said he couldn’t have done it without their support. His goals for this season are to get faster so he can improve his “mileage time to get under six minutes and to get closer to the team.” He is sure that if he keeps practicing he will accomplish his goals.

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