Annie finds its cast

Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood High School’s spring musical, Annie, is in the midst of finalizing it’s cast after holding auditions and callbacks Monday, Jan. 28 through Thursday, Jan. 31.

The classic musical Annie follows the story of “Little Orphan Annie”, and her journey to find her parents, based on the popular comic strip by Harold Gray. Since it’s time on Broadway, the show has warmed the hearts of many by sharing the message of hope and endurance, something director John Tourtellotte hopes to showcase to the Hollywood High School community.

Economic parallels between society today and society during Annie’s time period, along with the lack of classic musicals at Hollywood High in recent years are part of what drove Tourtellotte to pick Annie as this year’s musical. “Ultimately it’s a fun show that has a tremendous number of roles for our students to explore and play and grow within.”

The audition process featured a dance segment done in groups of eight, and an individual singing segment. Some went in with a specific part in mind, while many were open to playing whichever role recieved. Those who progressed to the callback were later notified if they recieved the part.

Hannah Barukh, PAM junior, who was cast as Miss Hannigan said, “I felt extremely excited and started listening to all the songs and envisioning all the things we could do with it. I’m excited to work with the rest of the cast.”

Playing the lead role of red-haired orphan Annie is PAM senior, Audrey Crabano. “I feel really honored and blessed because it is my last show. I’m excited to celebrate all our hard work. The biggest shift is going to be working with a new director, who I’ve only worked with once, and getting to know his methods and style.”

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