10 Tips for Finals Week

Maria Alfaro

Crimson Chronicle

Winter break is right around the corner, which many students are looking forward to. However, before they can go on a break they must get through finals. Finals week can be stressful for students because it can either bring up their grade or lower it causing stress and anxiety. Here are 10 tips to make it through finals without being overly stressed.

#1 Study 

Study every day, but not all at once. Try to study in your free time and not procrastinate. Study in a quiet place to avoid getting distracted.

#2 Time Management 

Manage your time well by studying for the hardest things and then the easiest. Try to study in the order you have your finals each day that way the information is still fresh. Don’t cram everything in one day.

#3 Stay Focused 

Avoid distractions and focus on studying for what might be on the exam. Give it your full attention and take breaks to not overwhelm yourself.

#4 Quiz Yourself 

Quiz yourself on the topic with flashcards. You can also ask one of your friends to quiz you which would help remember things easily.

#5 Different study methods

Use different study methods to find out which one works best for you. This would help you memorize information better.

#6 Color Code 

Color code your notes by what’s most important.

#7 Have a good night sleep

Get a good night sleep by getting at least eight hours of sleep. Don’t stay up too late trying to remember everything because it won’t work.

#8 Have a good breakfast 

Have a good breakfast every morning because taking an exam with an empty stomach can be distracting.

#9 Motivation 

Motivate yourself by putting a goal. Don’t give up if you feel frustrated after studying for a long time, take a break and remember that this will benefit you in the end.

#10 Stay Positive 

Remember that exams do not define your level of smartness. Always try your best and stay positive.


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