Beware of the night

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

Halloween is exciting. It’s fun to dress up, be with friends, stock up on candy, and see unique costume ideas. But it’s important to make sure that the night goes as smoothly as possible. To avoid any possible altercations or unfortunate events from occurring on this thrilling night, I  have provided a list of steps that will help Trick or Treaters enjoy their night to the fullest extent.


  1. Go as a group: It is much safer to go Trick or Treating in a group as opposed to alone. To ensure that you are comfortable or have a good time filling up your candy bag, going with friends will present a familiar atmosphere.
  2. Be alert for expiration dates: Often times when receiving candy we forget to check for expiration dates or sealed treats. To prevent getting sick from expired candy, it is important to check for consumable dates
  3. Stay on the steps: it is never advised to enter a strangers house even if they are friendly or offer you something to step into their house. Stay on the outside and do not let anyone talk you into entering their home.
  4. Try to avoid wearing dark colors: it’s always advised to wear lighter or brighter colors as dark costumes are harder to see at night time.
  5. Stay on the sidewalks: when walking around unknown neighborhoods, it’s important to stay on the sidewalks so that incoming vehicles are not interrupted. it is much safer to stay on the sidewalk and use crosswalks to change the directions
  6. Avoiding any illegal activity: we all dislike, those neighborhoods that avoid giving out treats on this spooky night, but that does not mean we should vandalize their homes.
  7. Trick or treat in familiar areas; trick or treating in familiar areas will ensure the safety of your overall halloween experience. Around common areas you can enjoy the presence of familiar faces and friendly neighbors
  8. Eat only wrapped treats: As we have seen in the past, lots of halloween candy has been contaminated and often times we can tell if the wrapper has been slightly open. Stay away from candy that may appear old or opened and by the end of the night, when checking candy, throw them out.

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