Arctic Monkeys brings peace in tranquility base hotel and casino

After five years,  English rock band, Arctic Monkeys released their newest album named Tranquility  base hotel and casino 







This is the band’s sixth studio release with 10 new songs .  The band goes way back from the early 2000’s as they were part of the garage scene.  Although this is their newest album a lot of fans are backlashing this album as they dial it back to their last album ” AM’ in 2013

In “AM”, there was elements of psychedelic rock, r&b, gospel, and punk. The album has become one of Arctic Monkeys most successful albums to date, leading to receiving British Album of the year in 2014. Although being an English rock band, the band also had a breakthrough in America with “ Do I wanna know ” hitting the Billboard 100.

If ‘ AM’ was highly rated album , why is Tranquility base hotel and casino being criticized?

Well a lot of fans have noticed the different style that was used in the latest album.  According to the Rolling Stones, the band “tried a stylistic change-up that doesn’t quite work.” With that being said,  this new album is filled with pianos and drums  , taking a complete tour as they incorporated more R&B. Although this album is different, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad album.  Sometimes, artists take a leap of faith to really see what  style really suits what they are trying to convey to their audience.

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