4 Prom Hacks that will leave you feeling flawless 💁🏽

Lexa Sorto

Crimson Reporter

Ahh prom, one of the things I looked forward to since I was in 7th grade. The beautiful dress, the dazzling pictures, and overall a night that will last forever. However, sometimes things don’t really turn out as planned. Here are some prom hacks that will leave you looking more flawless than Beyonce



Hack #1 Floss Eyeliner 

Take an old flosser and add a little of your favorite eyeliner and take it under your eye

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  #2  Fanny Pack Purse 

So lets just say your not in the mood to bring an actual purse to prom, all you need is a small fanny pack. When you have everything inside, you can wrap it around your leg and hide it under your dress.




Hack #3 Shoe Hairspray

If your shoes are keep falling off because there a size bigger, all you need is a bottle of hairspray. Spray it inside the shoe or on the back of your foot as it prevents the shoe from slipping off your feet.


Hack #4 DIY Photo Shoot 

This last hack is pretty self explanatory as all your going to need is a smartphone and a trip down to your local park. So instead of paying 100+ $$ for pictures, you can choose where you want your pictures, who takes your pictures, and where they go.








Fun Tip:  Download the Google photos app and back up all your prom photos so whenever you want to see those pictures, all you need to do is log into your gmail and boom!  your pictures will be there.






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