Students show off their talent

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



Hollywood High is once again holding their Spring pep rally tomorrow March 22, and holding their annual Hollywood Idol, thanks to creator James B. Carmicle, on March 23, which is also the last day of classes before we are off for Spring Break.  Now for the pep rally, students have to wear the proper color for roll call, Seniors wear red, Juniors wear white, Sophmores wear black and lastly Freshmen wear grey. Because of this event students will only be going to period one through four, each class being 70 minutes long, then their fourth period teacher will escort them to the pep rally.

Now for Hollywood Idol, students will be seeing a handful of acts ranging from singers to dancers. There will also be a fashion show exhibiting prom dress and tuxes ideas since prom is just around the corner. Again because of this event,and the fact that students will be dismissed to go home at 12:39 p.m. students will only have periods five and six, each class running for about 80 minutes. These next two days before Spring break are surely ending on a very entertaining note.

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