Prepare for AP Exams

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

Those who are taking an Advanced Placement (AP) class have to take a test in May for that subject and to take that test, a payment must be done at the student store. It is crucial for students to sign up for their AP Test in May and comes at a cost of $94, but reduced to $5 for those with free, or reduced, lunch with the school’s lunch program.

To be able to make the payment at the student store, an Exam Registration form must be signed off by a parent and the student, while also circling all the AP classes taken by the student, so that way they will know which test dates to remember when May comes around. Forms were handed out earlier this week and if you have not received a form, check in with one of your teachers or go to Schoology and find the link under the Hollywood High College Center group.

A flyer was given to teachers when given the forms and includes the assistance of Ms.Pinedo to offer her support if finances are an issue and that an AP class does not need to be taken to take the exam in May. She also added the dates for AP Tutoring and AP Saturday Enrichment. All this information and more can be found on Schoology.

The schedule and dates for the AP Exams are already out and also in the College Center group on Schoology. Apply before the deadline, March 13. A link to the exam dates will also be included here. 

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