Sheiks take 40-0 victory over Panthers

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Maria Alfaro

Chronicle Reporter

The Sheiks football team defeated West Adams Panthers 40-0 on Friday, Aug. 17, the first football game of the season. 

    During the first quarter, only three minutes into the game, #9 Sean Kaplan, a senior, made a touchdown. This started the winning momentum. During the third quarter, #11 Spencer Whyte, a senior, surprised the crowd with a touchdown after running 80 yards across the field. He then continued to make another touchdown with a 40-yard pass from the quarterback #15 Aaron Garcia, a sophomore.

    “I feel like we did very good for our first game since we didn’t even get a scrimmage,” said #72 Eugene Mamatyuk, a junior. He said the team’s goals include getting league titles and they will accomplish this by practicing every day and encouraging themselves.

    The next game is to take place at Hollywood, Friday, Aug. 24, against Marshall High School Barristers at 7 pm.

#11 Spencer Whyte picked up the fumble to make a 80-yard run.

Photo Credit: Mr. Briggs

Prepare for AP Exams

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

Those who are taking an Advanced Placement (AP) class have to take a test in May for that subject and to take that test, a payment must be done at the student store. It is crucial for students to sign up for their AP Test in May and comes at a cost of $94, but reduced to $5 for those with free, or reduced, lunch with the school’s lunch program.

To be able to make the payment at the student store, an Exam Registration form must be signed off by a parent and the student, while also circling all the AP classes taken by the student, so that way they will know which test dates to remember when May comes around. Forms were handed out earlier this week and if you have not received a form, check in with one of your teachers or go to Schoology and find the link under the Hollywood High College Center group.

A flyer was given to teachers when given the forms and includes the assistance of Ms.Pinedo to offer her support if finances are an issue and that an AP class does not need to be taken to take the exam in May. She also added the dates for AP Tutoring and AP Saturday Enrichment. All this information and more can be found on Schoology.

The schedule and dates for the AP Exams are already out and also in the College Center group on Schoology. Apply before the deadline, March 13. A link to the exam dates will also be included here. 

Get married at the marriage booth

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

`Celebrate Valentine’s day by heading over to the quad and getting married in the LGBT club marriage booth. Bring a friend or that special someone you have in your life.

To reciprocate the feeling of a real wedding, you can pay for a marriage packet for $5. The packet would include a polaroid picture, two ring pops, and a marriage certificate. If it seems like too much, then you can buy a polaroid picture for $2.

The marriage booth would be hard to miss because there’ll be a giant arc decorated for the polaroid picture being taken. The LGBT Club were the ones who invented the marriage booth and had been very successful the first time around.

Don’t miss out and get hitched this Valentine’s day in the quad because nothing says marriage like a ring pop.


Clippers support Vision To Learn

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

The needs of students are not always noticed easily, especially when it takes a while to see it. Much like elementary school students and the ninety-five percent of first graders that actually need glasses. The Clippers, for a third year, have contributed to this issue and contributed to Vision to Learn.

Vision to Learn has provided vision services to over 900,000 students in the Inglewood and Long Beach Unified School Districts. The organization is nonprofit and work with the L.A. Clippers Foundation to provide eye exams and eyeglasses to anyone in the District for free. There is even a chance that it can impact almost ten percent of L.A. Unified students. It allows a much better chance for students to be given their proper needs.

Almost all the students who are not given proper eye care or glasses do not have the access to the affordable vision care and live in a low-income family. The use of glasses for students who need it is beneficial because “80 percent of all learning during a child’s first 12 years is visual.”

The organization will begin travel in Blake Griffin branded mobile clinics.

Follow up with more information on the article with this link:

Clippers, Vision To Learn to provide free eyeglasses for students

Every race has a finish line

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

    Cross Country came to a close after making it to State Finals, leaving them to find other activities to keep them busy. The City Finals Race was held on Nov. 18 and had a winning streak this season.

    “The team performed exceptionally well this season.” said Coach Kenny Valencia.  Valencia was proud that both boys and girls qualified for city finals and he was also proud of the returning athletes running faster than the previous season. “The way to prepare for the next season is by practicing with more miles during the preseason.” said Coach Valencia.

“My biggest accomplishment was beating my personal record by two minutes in the middle of the season.” said Ashley Patza first-year runner, freshman NMA. Ashley believes that she did pretty good since it was her first time competing in a running sport. Ashley also said that she will improve mentally in the sport and also getting to know her teammates for next year Cross Country team.

”I believe that I did better this year in Cross Country than what I did last year.” Jose Saban second-year runner, sophomore SAS. Jose said that the way he will prepare for the next season is by challenging himself to do better and pushing himself to his limit. Jose feels like his biggest accomplishment this season was being able break his personal record of 18 minutes for 3 miles.

Prepare for finals week

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Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

With finals week coming up, teachers push their students to wrap up the semester by turning in work and preparing for their final. Students that are behind in the class could considerably have a very stressful week. Most of the week will be spent with doing all the assignments that they did not turn in when they were due.

From my perspective, I feel very stressed, even as I’ve turned in all my assignments. This means that even if all my work is turned in, teachers will give students the week before finals as a study week to prepare. While other teachers are still giving tests and assignments, expecting the students to study for the finals as well. With teachers giving assignments, students do not have a chance to study for the final at home and are stressing out as teachers begin to explain what will be on the final.

I believe that the finals are an excuse for teachers to lower down your grade. The teachers say that the final is going to be a big part of your grade and becomes worth more than half the semester work. From my past experiences of taking finals, the test is way different from what the teacher tells you to study for.

A new star in the Walk of Fame

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Selena Quintanilla Honored Posthumously With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

Picture credit: People Music

There is a new star in Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star is dedicated to Selena and no not Selena Gomez, but to Selena Quintanilla. Selena was a famous singer and her music was mostly Spanish and it mostly talked about love. One of her most famous song was “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”. Selena was born  on April 16, 1971 in Texas.

Selena was shot by Yolanda Saldivar, a nurse that had no criminal record, on March 31, 1995 and did not survive the wound and she died at a young age twenty-three. She died in here home state in Texas. Many fans were devastated with the news when it came out in the news.

After twenty-two years after her death Selena finally gets a star in the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star is located at Vine street & Hollywood Blvd, so the star will not be such a long walk from Hollywood.

No spirit in Spirit Week

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in Op-Ed

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

So far, in my perspective many students have not been excited for spirit week.  The students are not participating in spirit week as much as they could. Less than half of the students just do not care about school spirit. Students like me think that spirit week is unnecessary because it really does not bring out school spirit.

Monday was pajamas day and not that many students were wearing pajamas because it is possible that they feel embarrassed to wear their pajamas to school. It is also possible that they did not want to wear it because it was too hot on Monday. Some of the students that actually wore their pajamas were probably not afraid to wear it or they were probably in leadership, where they are to wear it for a grade. I did not want to participate because it was too hot to wear my pajamas to school.

On Tuesday there is sports day where you had to wear a jersey of a team. Many people did participate probably because it meant showing their favorite team on them. The other students probably did not wear it because they either did not have a jersey or they just did not care. I did not participate because I do not own a jersey and it really did not seem interesting.

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