L.A. runs on for its 33rd marathon

Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter


As it does every year, Los Angeles hosted it’s 26.2 mile run stretching from the Dodgers Stadium all the way to the Santa Monica Pier.

The marathon had different start times all of which ranged from 6:30-6:55 a.m. It began at Elysian Park and finished in Downtown Santa Monica. Every runner was awarded a metal after the race was over as they were also able to look at their times for personal best, prior to the 6:30:59 mark hitting runners were able to see their times at the finish line, afterwards runners would not be guaranteed a time.

The run as always was very crowded with over 24,000 runners, the run had sold out and was a massive event that closed down large portions of the city. The fastest runner, Ismail Ssenyange ran an impressive 2:21:36, marathon averaging about a 5:30 min mile pace.

Many different High School teams, clubs, and many other groups were able to run the marathon like students run Los Angeles (SRLA) . The Sheik SRLA team ran the marathon as well with students, and staff. The team had an impressive whole team run and finish the 26 mile with change journey. It is a run that takes much preparation as the team has been practicing hard for months, starting roughly in the beginning of September running large amounts of miles. For students to have the marathon completed is a large task that takes mental strength, physical strength, and discipline.

Whether any given runner had a certain time or not, it is still a great accomplishment to having finished the 26 mile expedition.

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