Being prepared for the SAT

Novalee Lopez

Chronicle Reporter



All juniors should really be paying close attention to all these deadlines that are coming our way. The SAT’s are coming real soon and the deadline to sign up is even sooner, Feb. 9 to be exact. This deadline is only for the first session of the SAT which is on March 10, and the second session is in May.

If you need a little extra help or insight on how to prepare yourself for the SAT, here are some tips. First off, if you took your PSAT then you can log in to your college board account and see what subject you need to pay more attention too. Secondly, on the day of your exam don’t forget to bring a calculator, your school ID and extra pencils and erasers. The one thing that you can leave at home or with someone you trust is your cellphone, it is not necessary and it could hurt you if you bring your cellphone with you into the exam.

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