National Nothing Day strikes again

Ethan Murga

Crimson Chronicle 

January 16, also referred to as National Nothing day is a day about nothing, literally. According to, National Nothing Day was created by a columnist, Harold Coffin, and has been acknowledged as National Nothing Day since 1973. Except that National Nothing Day is actually not a holiday.

National Nothing Day’s purpose is solely to celebrate nothing, or celebrate life itself.

It is a day that can be spent celebrating a birthday, just sitting at home watching TV, and anything anybody would consider time consuming. Any given person’s nothing day can revolve really around just about anything they desire.

What makes this weird national day special, one might ask. Well, usually National days have a significant object, person, place or event to revolve around however this National Day orbits around what you feel like doing. Or even what you do daily whether it’s going to work, going school or if it’s your birthday. The most interesting thing about this National Day is that someone goes around their own purpose or meaning one of the only days of the year that focuses on you.

National Nothing Day does share it’s date with other National Days, National Religious Freedom day and National Fig Newton Day.

Although on this day, you may publicly share your religion or enjoy the sweetness of Fig Newtons. Or you can also do nothing.

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