Different Ways the Country Celebrates MLK

By Lexa Sorto

Chronicle  Reporter


These past few years , January 15 is seen just as a day of from school. With today’s events, it’s important to look as this day as more of honor than a holiday. We honor a man who fought for Civil Rights and believed that all, regardless of skin color can join as one.

Known for his famous speech, I have a Dream he was able to preach for freedom and eventually received the Nobel Peace Prize of 1964. Four years later, he was assassinated.


Now you may be wondering how we celebrate and honor  MLK today in 2018.  Here are 2 ways we did.


Google honored MLK by having it’s google doodle depicting a young girl empowered and focused on MLK’s speech.




2. Spotify

Today Spotify created the playlist “We Shall Overcome. Not only does it have parts of his speeches but it also has other influential people like ….

  1. Oprah’s Time’s Up Speech


2.  Jay -Z

3.  Nina Simone


4. The Beatles

and countless more.

Today, let’s focus on the people who made an impact for the people of color, not sales and a day off from school.

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