Every race has a finish line

Oscar Perez

Chronicle Reporter

    Cross Country came to a close after making it to State Finals, leaving them to find other activities to keep them busy. The City Finals Race was held on Nov. 18 and had a winning streak this season.

    “The team performed exceptionally well this season.” said Coach Kenny Valencia.  Valencia was proud that both boys and girls qualified for city finals and he was also proud of the returning athletes running faster than the previous season. “The way to prepare for the next season is by practicing with more miles during the preseason.” said Coach Valencia.

“My biggest accomplishment was beating my personal record by two minutes in the middle of the season.” said Ashley Patza first-year runner, freshman NMA. Ashley believes that she did pretty good since it was her first time competing in a running sport. Ashley also said that she will improve mentally in the sport and also getting to know her teammates for next year Cross Country team.

”I believe that I did better this year in Cross Country than what I did last year.” Jose Saban second-year runner, sophomore SAS. Jose said that the way he will prepare for the next season is by challenging himself to do better and pushing himself to his limit. Jose feels like his biggest accomplishment this season was being able break his personal record of 18 minutes for 3 miles.

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