Basketball hoops into season

Ethan Murga

Chronicle Reporter

 It’s that time of the year again where the gym’s jumping with the noise of loud squeaky shoes as we celebrate basketball season. The basketball players stay on their grind as they wake up early mornings after late nights of doing homework to get ready for the next game.

    As this year’s games are mixed there is no real individual pre-season and season. Since their first scrimmage game, Red vs White, the team was split into two different teams. The boy’s first game was against Manuel Arts at home where the teams went into overtime in a hard fought, intense filled game Manuel Arts. The Sheiks would leave their territory with a win 59-56.

   Coach Rico Myles felt that in the loss “the team left a lot on the table” after the game. “We played really well and competed but it was just small turnovers that kinda costed us the game”, said Coach Rico.

The team having started off on the wrong foot went on to face Hawkins High away and would leave with a 55-51 win. It was a close game but the Sheiks would get a win complementary to their lost. In a league matchup against the Contreras Cobras, the Sheiks would stay home with a dominating 91-34 win. The Sheiks would hold the Cobras to under 40 points with a win by 57 points. Hollywood played rival school Bernstein in a close game, the Sheiks would leave Bernstein High with a 69-62 win. Coach Myles said “I think we did really well. We fought to the end… Niko Gooden stepped up big time for us, Jared Layne stepped up for us big time and Narek hit some big 3’s down the stretch for us to help us cap the game.” Coach Myles would also add an interesting fact of which it was his first personal time beating Bernstein in his 3 years as the Hollywood Basketball coach. Although it is early within the season it is easy to see that the Sheiks will try their earnest hardest to go as far as they can. “I’m feeling confident we can take the city title,” said Adam Schiller. Coach Myles also expects much more success from his newly formed team as they are young team coming together. “Our best basketball is in front of us, right now figuring out how to play with each other” when speaking about their losses. Varsity basketball remains 5-2. JV basketball remains 6-0 consistently coming to play every game like their last. JV has been on a 6 game winning streak since the beginning of the season with wins against Manuel Arts, Hawkins, Bernstein, Contreras, Mendez, and East Valley by forfeit. “Probably more on defense on offense we do okay,” said JV basketball player Jacob Jimenez as in their style of play. Much is to come for Hollywood basketball as they continuously work hard and learn something new everyday to incorporate into their game.

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