Riverdale returns for another season

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Season two of Riverdale is here. The popular television series has made a come back and has not failed to start with a bang. If the audience remember how season one ended, one will be astonished to see how season two begins. Archie Andrews has become the bravest of them all, being determined to find out who shot his father. Of course, his three comrades will be by his side. Or will they really?

Season two is into the third episode and every one of them remains to double the suspense. If the viewers think season one was intense with the chase of Jason Blossoms death, the party is not over yet. Riverdale is not the innocent little town it once was, it has reached its peak of its bloody hell. Tune into watch new episodes every Wednesday on CW, episode four will air this upcoming Wednesday. But quick warning, be prepared to be killed with suspense every week. Will Riverdale have an outcome of tragedy?

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