3 Oldie but Goodie Book reads for Fall 📚🍂

Lexa Sorto

Chronicle Reporter


Check out these Classics to Spice up your Fall this year !


🍁 Twilight by Stephanie Meyer ( MAJOR MOTION PICTURE)

Seventeen year old Bella moves to Forks, Washington when she meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen, the one- hundred

year old vampire who holds an interesting past.


  FUN FACT –  Jennifer Lawerence actually auditioned for Bella however didn’t land the part.







🍁Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky ( ALSO A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE)

Fifteen year old Charlie is learning to cope with the loss of his friend, Micheal. To ease his emotions,  Charlie begins writing letters to a stranger he knows but he’s never met.


FUN  FACT : Stephen Chbosky is not only an author, but he’s also a screenwriter , and film director.  He’s written screenplay’s for films like RENT and Disney’s Live Action Beauty and the Beast


🍁 Looking for Alaska by John Green

Being bored with his secure life, Miles decides to make a change. Intrigued by poetry, he heads off to the world of boarding school. Down the hall lives Alaska , who turns his life around and helps him discover his true self.




Not only John Green an author , he also is the host of Crash Course along with his brother Hank Green. Crash Course is an education youtube channel that varies from a variety of different topics from Astronomy to U.S History

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