Music lovers, there is now a club for you

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Ethan Murga

Now thanks to Open Mic, there is a club specifically for music. The club’s main purpose is to make music and for you to express yourself through the flow. Club presidents, Isaak Ramirez and Giovany Morales, made the club because both presidents share enthusiasm and passion for music. The club meets in room 123 B, Mr. Bitran’s room, every Thursday at lunch.

Isaak’s main reason as to why he made this club is because he wants to make an outlet, or stress reliever, for students to forget about their everyday worries and struggles. Isaak personally loves the musical genre that is hip-hop or rap. Isaak’s way of expressing himself is making poems and verses as he loves music and he is a big fanatic.

Giovany wanted to join in with Isaak as he plays the piano and expresses himself as well throughout music and musical instruments. Fun fact: Giovany is a self taught pianist. Which is rather very impressive as he did not pay for lessons or reach out for help.

Together they infused with a plan of making a club for others just like them, to make a club of which would revolve around music whether it is playing an instrument, learning how to play one, making songs, or many other activities concerning music like rap battles. The presidents ask of you to come and express yourself through the musical flow.


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  1. I think I from reading this article, I will want to join this wonderful club that I’ve heard so much about. Ethan Murga, is a genius.

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