For all student athletes, there’s now a club for you.

Isaak Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

Interested in going to college to play sports? Do you have the potential to be a  athlete?  Then join athletes in action,  starting every Tuesdays during lunch in room 306, Mr. Woods class.  This clubs  main goal is to get as many students into college with a mindset of achieving a scholarship or just having a professional job in the field of sports in general.

Hugo Ochoa Garcia and Ethan Murga started the club, both are student athletes and aspire to go to college.  This is part of the inspiration that made them want to do the club,  and thought about the massive amounts of college tuition would impede students to attend their dream college.  Although this club is starting out very new, it shows great promise to athletes in the school, and dedicated to the sport.   If you’re trying to join the club then do so now. These two copresidents are doing their best to get colleges, to see the students potential. They are also trying to get practices and college scouts to visit the school. Join students in action, and work hard for the change you want to see and the change you want to be in your life as a student.

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  1. Rad bro! Thank you for the info. I like the article, and might even apply for scholarships, myself.

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