Catch the sixth World Series game on Halloween

By Ethan Murga

Crimson Chronicle

Following up on Sunday’s game, the Dodgers are back in Los Angeles. They now have home field advantage and are down 3-2 to the Houston Astros. The Dodgers having an over 100 win season, much like the Astros who have just as many wins have the potential to even out the possibilities of who will win.

However, the Astros have taken the lead. The Dodgers have power hitters such as Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig as well as star pitcher Clayton Kershaw. However the Astros stars, Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve.

The Dodgers would go down 3-2 after a loss in Houston. In a tough loss to the Astros, the game would consists of 10 innings and would end after 5 hours. All hours of which would be chilling and nerve wrecking to both set of fans. As both teams have been in a sort of drought ,where the Dodgers have not won a world series since 1988 and the Astros have one world series of which occurred in 2005. Needing 4 games to win the world series, the Astros have 3 wins so far and a win tonight in Los Angeles will give them the title as well as break the hearts of Dodgers fans’.

When asked about expectations of tonight’s crucial game, Sergio Sanchez, a member of Hollywood High School’s baseball team, had to say ” Dodgers have the upper hand because of home field advantage and they have all their hitters in place. The Dodgers went against Verlander and almost won so that shows that Dodgers can win. ”

The Dodgers are still big contenders to win the game without a doubt being at home. In a dark night in Los Angeles many wonder if there will be a Game 7 or if it will all end tonight.

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