New Service Hours Available For PAM

Esteban Garcia and Guadalupe Huerta

Chronicle Reporter

As many of the students with the new history teacher, Mr. Barishman , has done a project that will help one finish their hours easily. Ms. Gambero helped set up the project that will be displayed with a booth as fair which will take place on May 12.

“It’s a win-win situation for the students. While the kids work for the project, it will count for their service hours,” said Ms. Gambero.

The group project is based on related topics to being successful in high school. This includes time management, study habits, and preparing for college. 11th graders will be shareing with the 10th graders of what one has learned since the 9th grade and what could’ve been done differently.

This would greatly help the new students to choose the right path to become what they want to be. They will also be able to see what is the future is holding for them.

The fair will also be filmed and documented by the NMA students during and after the fair.


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