Student elections now open

Katherine Quezada
Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Leadership committee are the underdogs when it comes to having fun during school hours when students are not in class. The ones who organize school events such as dances, have snacks for sale during football games and play fun games almost every Friday in the quad, playing loud music ranging from today’s pop to rap hits.

Some look at it as a club and others look at it as a fun elective class where an individual student can show their leadership skills. Leadership is also the class where the school officers spend their time and find ideas to contribute to the school and make it better.

Today voting has opened for the entire student body so students can make choice on who will be the school’s President, Vice President and Secretary the next following school year.

The process this year on voting will take place electronically. Students can either go to the school’s library or pull out their phone from their back pocket or backpack wherever it may be placed and sign into their LAUSD email. The polls will close at 3 pm on Friday April 7, 2017.

ASB President: Aurora Massari who won by default

Candidates for ASB VP: Julianne Cueto, and Allison Oliva

ASB Secretary: Angela Friedman who won by default.

Go out and vote for who you want to represent ! Your voice matters.

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