Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

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Free Speech Friday ends Scholastic Journalism Week

Ethan Murga

News Editor

Many students participated in the Free Speech Friday event held in room 502 by voicing their opinions about democracy and politics.

The Crimson Chronicle culminated Scholastic Journalism Week by giving students a platform to express themselves, their ideas and opinions. The topic of Democracy quickly evoked a discussion due to several students difference of opinions about politics.

The topic of democracy was brought up when one student listened to the ideas and opinion of another student wearing a make America great again hat. The Students brought topics concerning Racism and homophobia in the Presidents administration. As well as the topics of love and hate that are common in the human nature. The idea of agreeing to disagree and living with understanding concluded the event.

Free Speech Friday is possibly in the works of being an event every other Friday.

Student elections now open

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Katherine Quezada
Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Leadership committee are the underdogs when it comes to having fun during school hours when students are not in class. The ones who organize school events such as dances, have snacks for sale during football games and play fun games almost every Friday in the quad, playing loud music ranging from today’s pop to rap hits.

Some look at it as a club and others look at it as a fun elective class where an individual student can show their leadership skills. Leadership is also the class where the school officers spend their time and find ideas to contribute to the school and make it better.

Today voting has opened for the entire student body so students can make choice on who will be the school’s President, Vice President and Secretary the next following school year.

The process this year on voting will take place electronically. Students can either go to the school’s library or pull out their phone from their back pocket or backpack wherever it may be placed and sign into their LAUSD email. The polls will close at 3 pm on Friday April 7, 2017.

ASB President: Aurora Massari who won by default

Candidates for ASB VP: Julianne Cueto, and Allison Oliva

ASB Secretary: Angela Friedman who won by default.

Go out and vote for who you want to represent ! Your voice matters.

Students protest election by walking out

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Students protest election by walking out

Aniello Angrisano
Crimson Reporter

About 48 hours after Trump wins presidency students walkout to show opposition to the recent results. Protests have broke out across the country, including Hollywood High School, to show their displeasure with the election result.

In LA, protesters set on fire a Donald Trump pinata head, blocked traffic on the freeway, and chanted “Not My President, Not Today”. Schools across Los Angeles have conducted walkouts right in the middle of 5th period, Thursday.  Students from both Bernstein and Marshall marched to Hollywood High to show their opposition. They wanted to encourage other Hollywood students to walkout with them but were stopped by school officials.

“I wanna do this to fight for what’s right” a Marshall student said.

“Really great students are able to express opinion, views, and discontent about it,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez. “As long as it’s a safe democratic way. I’m very proud of our students.”


Leaving me Obamaself

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Leaving me Obamaself

Catherine Lee
Chronicle Reporter

The first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama has been by our sides since ‘08 and sadly it is almost time to let him go. During his two terms of presidency, Obama has shown great amount of devotion for the country and its citizens. He worked tremendously for the well-being of the middle class and the future of their children. Also the First Lady, Michelle Obama showed how much she cared for our future generation by advocating the healthy diet of the children, trying to end the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Despite criticism from conservatives, Obama did endear himself to young people for his ability to poke fun at himself, something other presidents have not done.

   This past June, Obama guested on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and participated in the “Slow Jam the News.” The jam was made of brags about Obama’s eight years in office. Fallon included in the jam, “oh yeah, President Obama stimulated long-term growth, in both the public and private sector. In 2008, the country wasn’t feeling in the mood, it was too tired and stressed, said it had a headache. Barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets and told the American people ‘yes, we can.’”

   Obama’s achievements include legalizing same-sex marriage, improving the economy, dropping unemployment rates, reauthorizing Violence Against Women Act, the development of the Affordable Care Act and a lot more.

   President Obama worked and made so much progress in both economy and the well-being of the middle class, despite the fact that he inherited the results of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression after President George Bush.

   Obama also guested on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Oct. 24. That night, he read out some mean tweets people made about him on Twitter.The tweets included-“Just found out my daughter shares a birthday with Obama PUKE.”(@momof4munchkin), “Barack Obama…bro, do you even lift!?”(@DJ_lcpl), and best for the last “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!”(@realDonaldTrump), to which he made a comeback with “Hey,  @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president,” followed by his signature mic drop.

   During his visit at the  Jimmy Kimmel show, Obama was asked if he ever laughed watching Trump during the debates, “Most of the time,” he responded.

   Watching President Obama leave would be like watching seniors graduate and go off to college. We’ll miss them but we’ll also feel happy for them. Now the people of United States have to vote between Trump or Clinton. One of these candidates will lead America for the next four years, hoping they’ll be as good as Obama.

S.Korea Protests for the President to Resign

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S.Korea Protests for the President to Resign

Catherine Lee

Chronicle Reporter

The nation was shaken when the citizens found out that there was a figure interfering with important affairs of South Korea.It was reported that President Park Gyun-Hye was getting advice from Choi Soon-Sil, who didn’t hold any government job. Choi is the daughter of a religious cult leader, who also happened to be a respected mentor of Park.

According to CNN, the protest was conducted after Park ordered 10 of her senior secretaries to resign. On Oct.29 there were over 12,000 people in the streets of Seoul, questioning who the real president was and demanding the president to step down from the office.

President Park did apologize on a national broadcast station. She stated that she just wanted to seek advice on her speeches from Choi. Which many criticized her for the mismanagement of national information.

Choi did admit that she received presidential documents in advance but she denied that she interfered with any of the state affairs. She was also accused of exploiting her relationships with Park, misappropriating funds from nonprofit organizations, which she also denied upon. 

The people are furious at Park, questioning her actions toward the nation and the citizens. The Korean community in Los Angeles is also enraged about the scandal. There is a very small population of Korean students attending Hollywood High, but its important to be aware with what’s happening in the mother land.


Trump’s Star Destroyed by Man With Sledgehammer

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Trump's star before and after.

Trump's star before and after.

Trump’s star before and after.

Aniello Angrisano

Crimson Reporter

    Early Wednesday morning Donald Trump’s star on the walk of fame was destroyed by a man dressed as a construction worker with a sledgehammer going by the name of Jamie Otis. The incident was recorded by people passing by the man dismantling the star and was shared on social media.

      He was able to successfully remove Donald’s name from the star and the television symbol but not able to remove the star itself completely. In an interview with TMZ, Otis said he wanted to remove the star to send a message to Donald Trump. He also said he wanted to auction off the pieces of the star he has to raise money for the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault, which is 11 women in total.

     Trump’s star, located near the Dolby Theater, will be replaced and fixed within days. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which chooses the stars on the Walk of Fame said that it will cost thousands to replace it. There has been much scrutiny to remove the star and even a petition online was formed but the committee said they would never consider removing any star saying that each star is part of the history of the Walk of Fame. Otis will face felony charges once he turns himself in.

    Trump, who received his star in 2007 for his work on the show, The Apprentice, has not commented on what happened. This is not the only incident involving vandalism on Trump’s star. Earlier in the year it was spray painted on twice and had a tiny wall built around it mocking Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.  

Candidates Debate Islamophobia

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Gabriel Garduno

Chronicle Reporter

The Second Presidential Debate was held in Washington University in St. Louis on October 9 2016. Where Hillary Clinton faced and Donald Trump faced off once more, discussing the future of the this nation. During this debate there were a lot of memorable parts. One example, the topic of Islamophobia.

In the topic of Islamophobia, the question was asked by an undecided voter, “how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being labeled as a threat to the country after the election is over?”

Donald Trump was first to answer this question in which he started by saying, “You’re right about Islamophobia and that’s a shame.”

Many viewers said Trump isn’t just going after Islamic terrorists, but he’s also blaming the entire Muslim community for failing to identify the acts of terrorism and not reporting them to the authorities.

“And you know there’s always a reason for everything. If they don’t do that, it’s a very difficult situation for our country.” “Muslims have to report the problems when they see them,” Trump stated.

Hillary and her supporters immediately pointed out the hypocrisy, since Trump earlier prose to ban the Muslim community from coming to the U.S. One the other hand, Hillary wants to bring Muslim refugees from the war zone like women and children for example. Giving the second chance, If she were to get elected, Hillary said she will resettle Islamic migrants.

Conservative Christians Bash on Starbucks’ New Cup

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Starbucks New Red Cups

Lorena Robelo

Chronicle Reporter

Conservative Christians are bashing on Starbucks’ new red cups. For Christians, Christmas is the “best time of the year,” but because Starbucks simplified their cups, “Christmas is ruined,” said Amanda Peers on Twitter.

Starbucks’s new holiday cups lack design because they wanted to be “universally appreciative and applicable to all religions and beliefs,” said Aaron Deen, Starbucks employee.

Starbucks also wanted customers to be creative and optimistic and make their own designs on the plain cup.

The hashtag, #merrychristmasstarbucks, was trending worldwide on Twitter. Christians used this hashtag to complain about how he cups were not festive are enough.

Others who thought nothing of the cups and were tired of the Starbucks bashing spread the hashtag, #itsjustacup. Student, Melissa Viera, and regular Twitter user tweeted, “This is so dumb. Christians always want to interfere with everything #itsjustacup.”

On Nov. 10, Donald Trump announced for Christians to strike against Starbucks until they change the cups back. Who knows what Starbucks will do but they have not yet answered to the bashing.

Meet Hollywood’s Politically Involved

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Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Staff Reporter

If you asked the average kid what his stance on gun control was, you’d probably elicit a response that sounded similar to Call of Duty controls.

Which isn’t the least surprising. A horde of ailing men debating on a stage for hours isn’t the most entertaining thing on prime time television. Yet, at a time when presidential candidates hurl insults at just about every subgroup in the continental U.S., and federally funded reproductive health programs are under attack, it is encouraging to know that young people are interested in politics.

Meet Daniel E., SAS Senior, a self-proclaimed conservative, who found his way into the political arena by way of research. Daniel said he noticed the starling fact that many companies were moving out of California in lieu of states with less strict gun control laws. Daniel, who sees himself leaning toward the right of the political spectrum, drew alarm at this notion. “That’s how I put my foot into it,” he said.

His view on gun control isn’t the only thing to ignite friction. His colorful words about government’s heavy-handedness also stirs up discord.

“I don’t support stringent gun control laws, I don’t support taxes and regulation by the big government, and I don’t support affirmative action. I support limited government,” he said.

With political opinions differing so greatly from those of his peers, Daniel’s outspoken beliefs are often the center of debate in Hollywood’s classrooms. “Usually when people hear [about me being a conservative] they get a negative impression. They associate conservatism with bigoted, almost always a [negative] connotation. “In a debate you have to present all the facts, all the evidence. Sometimes, in the face of all the facts, they’ll just run away from all of that. ” Daniel countered the presumptions of conservatism with, “My version of conservative is pro-business, following our Constitution, granting citizens their Constitutional rights, and a limited scope of government.”

Daniel said if he had a friend wavering between parties, he’d attempt to guide them to the right, “I’d try to break down their concerns: where do they meet on the scale–some people have more conservative views, and they don’t even realize it. They associate with one party because they jump on the bandwagon, but then when you ask them what they believe about this, or what does they believe about that, you’ll find that they have some views that a totally contradictory to the liberal philosophy.” Daniel concluded that it is important to educate students about where they actually place on the political spectrum, rather than apply oneself to what’s ‘trendy’.

In regard to youth political awareness, surprisingly, Daniel believes young people should steer clear of any political involvement, until they reach an age of maturity.

Regardless of how outlying a student’s views are, they are still an observation of a world we are certainly to inherit. Despite being a pariah here at Hollywood High, Daniel has succeeded in placing himself on a political scale, and all student should follow his lead by finding their own political passions.


Biden Says Sayonara to the Presidential Race

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Biden Says Sayonara to the Presidential Race

Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Chronicle Reporter

Vice President Joe Biden announced earlier today, according to reports from The New York Times, that he will not be a candidate for the 2016 presidency, ending the country’s prolonged period of speculation.

After the loss of his son Beau from brain cancer, Biden cites the length of the family’s grief process–indicating there would not be enough time to make a “realistic campaign for president”–as his reason for not running.

The New York Times writers, Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman wrote in a news article that Biden concluded that window of opportunity for him to initiate his candidacy has in fact closed.

This news comes as a disappointment to many Biden supporters, who, according a recent poll performed by CNN/ORC, drew strong waves of support within the Democratic Party.

The possibility of Biden’s candidacy would have complicated the structure of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, easily drawing votes from her in key states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden, however, would have had little effect on the strides of Bernie Sanders campaign, whose supporters exist far away from the range of Biden’s sphere.

With Biden opting out of the race, the playing field is tilted heavily in the direction of Hillary Clinton, who now with notions of Biden’s apparent candidacy diminished, will begin to pick up speed.

Biden, whose choice to sit out removed any ambiguity of the Democratic Party’s potential nominee, asserts that he will remain active in government.

“I will not be silent. I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as much as I can where [the Democratic Party] stand as a Party and where [America] stand as a nation.”


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