“From the Soul” to Soul

Esteban Garcia

Chronicle Reporter

This past weekend was a memorable night with lots of action and drama in the dance show. If many of you did remember for those who went to the Performing Arts Magnet &New Media Magnet assembly, the dancers performed a preview for us.

On the stage were new and professional dancers performing an outstanding show. Every performer had different characters that were unique and similar in order to make the show eye-grabbing.  There were very few solos that only lasted for a couple of minutes. There were a couple duets and was mainly large assembles on stage that made the show look even more beautiful. Although the performance was beautiful, the dancers could’ve used a bit more training when doing duets and large assembles but overall, the duets was best performed compared to other performances.

There was a lot of fast movements that made the dancers prove how determined they were

to perform what could be their best show of  the year. All the performers used their space wisely and was done without exceptions. Their directions were all timed because every one had space to move around and do their moves all according to as planned. There was a lot of strong and powerful music that was very motivational and the performers danced to the rhythm. There were some pop music that was performed which was beautifully danced.

There was various of different type of dances that was seen during the show. A lot of them were modern ballet, some hip hop and some of ethnic dances as well. The ethnic performances was well enjoyed that was outstanding and something new on the stage. The costumes were well done according to the music and type of dance done. Everything fit were it was suppose to be.  The lighting was well done that made the show look even better when it was right to change them.  Overall, the performance was an outstanding piece of artwork done by Ms. Goldshein once again.


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